MediEvil Life Bottle Locations Guide

This guide will help you find all the Life Bottles in MediEvil PS4 Remaster. Life Bottles are collectibles that increase your health and collecting all the bottles will earn you the ‘Alive- Er Dead’ trophy.

Life bottles are obtainable by a couple of methods. Some of them are present in specific levels of the game while others can be obtained by redeeming them as rewards from Chalices in the Hall of Heroes. (For Chalice locations, see Chalice Location guide)

MediEvil Life Bottle Locations

One thing to keep in mind is that when you find a life bottle during a quest, you will have to complete the quest in order to keep it. If you do not finish your level, you will have to get the bottle again.

Below are all the Life Bottle locations in the game:

Life Bottle #1
Location: Dan’s Tomb.

The first Life Bottle can be found inside the tomb where the game starts. It is present in the lobby area, left to the exit gate. It will also be pointed out in the cutscene at the start.

Life Bottle #2
Location: The Graveyard.

In the graveyard, head to the angel statue. Hit the statue such that it faces to the left. It will open the gate on the left side and behind it, you will find a Life Bottle and some gold!

Life Bottle #3
Location: Hall of Heroes.

You will get this life bottle as a reward for redeeming the 2nd Chalice (first statue on the left).

Life Bottle #4
Location: Dan’s Crypt.

Return to Dan’s Crypt after completing the level “Return to Graveyard”. There will be a wall on the right side that will look brighter than the others. Use the dash ability that you just unlocked and break the wall down. You will find the bottle here.

Life Bottle #5
Location: Scarecrow Fields.

Before the end of the level, there’s a secret path on the side that leads to the Harvest Part. Pick it up, then go back to the fields and find the locked barn, which is before the trap section. Destroy the chest behind the barn which release a serpent that will kill the enemies for you.

After that, kick the cart present behind the barn. This will reveal a crack in the wall where the serpent killed 2 scarecrows. Jump on the haystack to reach the lever, release the lever to drop the harvest machine and then insert the Harvest part into it.

The machine will mow a path outside and at the end of the path you will find the Life Bottle along with the chalice.

Life Bottle #6
Location: Pools of the Ancient Dead.

This bottle can be found during the 14th level of the game. When you reach the Chaos Rune, open the red rune door. It will lead you to an area with several enemies. Look to the right for an area you can jump to using Super Jump. You will find the green life bottle here.

Life Bottle #7
Location: Hall of Heroes.

You will get this life bottle as a reward for redeeming the 16th Chalice (Upstairs. Centaurus statue).

Life Bottle #8
Location: The Time Machine.

This bottle is found during the concluding level of the game. Turn the laser off to pick the green rune. Then go back to the clock puzzle at the start of the level where there is a locked butterfly door on the right. To solve the puzzle, point the silver arm on 12 and golden arm on 5. This will unlock the door. Jump down and grab the life bottle.

Life Bottle #9
Location: Hall of Heroes.

You will get this life bottle as a reward for redeeming the 20th Chalice (statue halfway up the stairs behind the door).

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