Medal of Honor Franchise Returns After 7 Years, Respawn Entertainment At the Helm

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is releasing on Oculus Rift in 2020. EA has placed Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order creator Respawn is charge of the game.

After 7-years on the shelf, the iconic Medal of Honor returns soon. EA has announced a new Medal of Honor game that’s under development at Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order creator Respawn Entertainment.

The return of this franchise is good news but don’t get too excited just yet. Respawn is indeed working on a Medal of Honor game but it is a virtual reality experience. The series that has been overshadowed by Battlefield and Call of Duty, makes a comeback but in a new form.

Respawn Entertainment’s new Medal of Honor is coming exclusively to Oculus-Rift. Titled Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the title is set in World War 2. While VR doesn’t sound very appealing to most of the fans out there, Respawn is calling it an “Epic AAA experience.”

The player will journey across Europe to face Nazis alongside the French resistance.

Coming in 2020 from Respawn Entertainment and Oculus Studios. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond brings the historic battlefields of World War II back to the forefront for an epic AAA experience like no other. You’ll play as an Allied agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), tasked with infiltrating, outgunning, and outsmarting the Nazi war machine. As you complete your tour of duty across Europe, you’ll collaborate with the French Resistance, working to sabotage Nazi operations from behind enemy lines.

In addition to both a full narrative campaign and multiplayer modes, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond includes a unique story gallery, letting you sit with WWII veterans and survivors to hear their stories while witnessing first-hand the events and locations that have shaped our history.

There have been mediocre entries in the series but some of the titles in the Medal of Honor franchise are truly iconic. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond might actually light the fire necessary for the series return on consoles and PC.

Depending on the success of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, EA might feel interested in bringing back the series in a bigger way. For now, Above and Beyond is what we have and it looks pretty good, I have to say.

The title won’t be releasing on Oculus Quest so pick it up only if you own an Oculus Rift.

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