Mass Effect Legendary Edition Level Scaling Explained

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been launched with improved graphics along with Legendary Edition Level Scaling. In this Mass Effect Legendary Edition Level Scaling, we will tell you each and everything related to Level Scaling.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Level Scaling

Mass Effect Legendary Edition allows players to gain levels in Classic Mode or the new Legendary Mode. The original level scaling has also been added by BioWare in ME Legendary Edition.

Right at the start of the ME playthrough, players will be able to choose:

  • Between the Classic Level Scaling and Legendary Level Scaling
  • The Difficulty Level
  • Shepard’s Character Class
  • A pre-service history
  • Psychological profile.

Classic and Legendary Level Scaling

In classic mode, instead of the new 1-30 level range, the older 1-60 level range is used. The growth of XP and talent points is the same, but it doubles the number of levels. In Classic Mode, Shepard’s level cap is still 60 but the level scaling has been completely altered.

Players get experience faster and should they complete enough quests to earn significant points, they will be able to reach the level cap in a single playthrough. The level cap is cut in half to 30 in Legendary Mode.

The number of skill points is the same for both settings, thus it comes to the player’s desire if they are willing to wait for larger points with fewer overall levels or if the player wants more frequent levels with fewer points to spend. In any case, they should still be able to maximize Shepard’s skills throughout Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

You’ll probably prefer traditional mode when you want to influence every minute of your game to construct a specific build. This allows you to level up more, but it steadily builds up your class. If you care for stat building, you should opt for Classic Mode.

Legendary mode is a lot simpler as it allows you to stress your build a little less. If you’ve got a notion of what you want, but don’t care how you get there, that’s your mode. If you merely want to leave the menus, fight evil villains and punch angry folks, start the legendary mode.

You can change your Level Scaling option at any time in the options menu, and the game will do the maths to switch you back and forth.

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