Mass Effect: Andromeda vs Mass Effect 3 Comparison Shows a Big Jump in Visual Quality

When comparing the same scene from the Mass Effect CG trailer an an in-engine recreation using Mass Effect Andromeda, the results are an impressive jump.

When games are released on the current generation consoles, graphics are becoming more and more important. The quality of what is released and what we saw in demonstrations can change, much to fan disappointment. Just look at Watch Dog for an example of that.

With this becoming an issue, this may be why the people behind the games are so ready to give players a hint of what the differences is in power of the engine and what it is capable of producing. Michael Gamble, Producer of the Mass Effect Trilogy tweeted this comparison shot:

With the top taken from the Mass Effect 3 CG trailer and the bottom rendered using the Andromeda engine it shows just how far the graphics quality has improved. The difference between the two show a jump in quality that doesn’t fail to impress.

Now for the bad news, don’t expect to see anything about Mass Effect Andromeda at Gamescom this year. The fact is we probably won’t be seeing the final product until the end of 2016, which is a long way off. Maybe we’ll see more of the game at next year’s E3, and have an idea of when the game will be released. Unless we already know that date of course.

We know Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming though, and that is the important thing. It may be one of the biggest releases of next year. If it is released next year of course.

What are your thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know below.


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