Mass Effect Andromeda VR Isn’t Happening, Though There’s Promise

Mass Effect Andromeda VR, that is, parts of the game (or its entirety) being playable on a VR headset, isn’t going to be happening according to a statement given by Mike Gamble. However, Andromeda not having VR doesn’t necessarily mean that the concept is off the table completely.

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Gamble says that, while the possibility of a Mass Effect virtual reality game would be cool, it would definitely not be a straight-up VR port of a game that already exists; instead, BioWare would be more likely to create an original experience that players can do for themselves. Considering that Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t the start of a new trilogy (even though BioWare does recommend we keep our saves), that may be closer than we think.

A Mass Effect Andromeda VR game, or any Mass Effect VR game in particular, would likely do what many other VR games currently on the market do; mainly allow players to either go through a scenario or explore a certain area. There are a number of different ways that BioWare could do this too: it could focus around the player driving vehicles on a planet’s surface, flying a ship, or even just providing a first-person view to the normally third-person game.

Each of these different types of VR could be used in differing ways, with vehicle and spaceship piloting using the two grip controllers that normally come with VR headset,s while a first-person view could be good when paired up with a controller of some kind.

While Mass Effect Andromeda VR isn’t likely to be coming to consoles or PC, it’s at least an interesting idea that Bioware can work with in the future, so we may indeed be seeing an original Mass Effect VR game sometime in the near future. In the meantime, Bioware fans can look forward to Mass Effect Andromeda coming out in March of 2017.

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