Mass Effect Andromeda to Feature Co-Op Multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda will feature s co-op multiplayer mode, if a tweet from Chris Wayn is any indication.

If you enjoyed the co-op multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, get ready to do the same in Mass Effect Andromeda. Yes, co-op multiplayer is making a comeback in new Mass Effect title.

Mass Effect Andromeda Senior Development Director Chris Wynn has confirmed co-op multiplayer. No details are provided so far but we can expect information in the near future.

In Mass Effect 3, users joined a team of 4-players, where they were able to customize their characters and take on the Reapers, in addition to Cerberus, Geth and Collector forces.

Something similar should be the case in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Also, now that hardware is capable enough and games put a lot of focus on multiplayer modes, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a large-scale PvP mode added as well.

Mass Effect is still early in development but developers are confident that it will make it to its Holiday 2016 release window.


The game will feature a massive galaxy for player to explore, when Andromeda gets released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The title was shown at E3, where we were provided with a brief trailer. Check it out below:

Are you excited for the return of co-op multiplayer? What features would you like to see?

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