Mass Effect Andromeda Station Sabotage Walkthrough

One of the earliest side missions in Mass Effect Andromeda would be Station Sabotage where players will attempt to get the root of all the sabotage attempts aboard the Nexus. The mission is given by Raj aboard the Nexus, near Director Addison.

Our Mass Effect Andromeda Station Sabotage walkthrough will lead players through this short and easy to complete mission for some quick XP.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Station Sabotage

After talking to Raj and accepting the mission, players will need to use their scanner to search three locations for more panels for potential sabotage.

Sparks popping out of the panels is a good hint that it can scanned. Two of these panels will require the players to follow wiring from inside the wall, which the scanner highlights in yellow so shouldn’t be too difficult.

One of these panels is inside the Pathfinder HQ, this panel leads the players to the Operations Center upstairs. The second panel, marked on the HUD like others, will be on the other side of Operations Center while the final panel will be in Militia HQ.

Once players have scanned all three, they will need to track down the potential culprit, Zarah Kellus, who is on the main deck of the Hyperion.

To get back to the Hyperion, players need to use the tram from the nexus. The tram screen has multiple buttons on it so players should be careful which one they select when travelling.

Upon reaching Hyperion, players can find Zarah Kellus on the habitation deck and she will ask players to review some security footage.

For that, players will need to take the tram once again and travel to Nexus Operations. The marker on the HUD will lead players to the security office where they will go through all the footage available.

Once players have viewed the footage, SAM will contact them and players can track down the real culprit behind Station Sabotage through their scanner. Talking to the target and then making their decision will eventually complete the mission.

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