Mass Effect Andromeda Squad Video Reveals Link To the Original Trilogy

Bioware may have recently released a video giving us a look at some of the recruitable Mass Effect Andromeda squad mates, however it still hasn’t revealed their backstory.

The eagle eyed folks at Kotaku seem to have discovered the past of one character, which ties back to the original trilogy.

The squad mate in question is none other than Cora Harper, who also seems to be a potential romance option for Scott Ryder.

Mass Effect fans might remember the name Harper from Mass Effect Evolution, as Jack Harper is the real name of the character known in the original trilogy as The Illusive Man, head of Cerberus.

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Given that the Pathfinder team led by Alec Ryder left for Andromeda around the events of Mass Effect 2 and before Mass Effect 3, it is quite possible that Cora Harper might be The Illusive Man’s daughter, or at least directly related to him.

Even if she is related to him, it is possible she may not see the world as her father does, and doesn’t consider humans as the only species which should be leading the universe.

The Team Briefing video revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda squad mate has worked with Asari commandos for four years, something which Cerberus, a human only corporation, operatives would never do since they find it beneath themselves.

Also given Alec Ryder’s biography from the video, it is possible this pathfinding mission might have been funded or at least influenced by Cerberus.

The Bio mentions how N7 pathfinder continues to become interested in AI research, something which is also on Cerberus’ agenda.

Since the game takes place a couple of centuries after the events of Mass Effect 3, it is highly likely that none of the Mass Effect Andromeda squad mates know of what transpired back at home and this may just be a couple of easter eggs without any real impact on the story, besides some characterization.

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