Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions Guide

Throughout the course of Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll come across a plethora of side-quests in the game. In our Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding and completing all the side-quests in the game.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions

Planet Aya

Forgotten History
In this quest, help Avela Kjar recover the lost relics on the Planet of Heleus. Search and return the relics. Start this quest by talking to her at the Docks on Planet Aya.

Recovering the Past
In this side quest, help out Avela by investigating an ancient crashed site on Havarl and recover any artifacts you found. Start this quest by talking to her at the Docks on Planet Aya.

Safe Journeys
In this side mission, you will have to help locate several missing satellites essential to monitoring the Scourge. Fly the Tempest to Maariko’s satellite navpoints and search the areas.

The Vesaal
In this quest, you will be helping out Ambassador Rialla. You will have to follow up on reports about the resistance member threating a salarian scientist. You will be asked to solve the matter quietly.

Trading Favors
In this side mission, return Sohkaa’s shipment back to Aya. Talk to Sohkaa Esof on Aya Docks and accept his request and start this quest.

Planet Elaaden Side Missions

Architect on Elaaden
This quest can be started after receiving an email after the Eladeen Outpost is established. Talk to the outpost leader and then defeat the architect to complete this mission.

Start this quest by talking to Barrett after completing ‘Eladeen: A New World’ mission. In this quest, you will have to clear out the Outpost for Barrett. Return to him after securing it to complete the mission.

Conflict in the Colony
This mission starts automatically on the first visit to Elaaden groundside. This is a simple quest in which you only have to locate and speak to Jorgal Strux.

Crisis Response
In this quest, you will have to locate the crashed ship and then save the survivors. This quest is obtained by interacting with a data pad during the Scavenger Flophouse quest.

In this quest, the Scavengers are attempting to remove cores from a Remnant site. According to Peebee, this could make the cores unstable. In this mission, you have to make the cores inert to prevent this from happening.

Gray Matter
In this quest, you will have to find a test subject for Lexi who has developed a serum. Scan the scavenger to find a test subject and then convince him to partake the test.

Hard Luck
In this quest, you will be helping out Nora Tallis who is stranded on Eladeen. Recover parts of her shuttle from the Scavengers to complete this quest.

Investigate Remnant Derelict
In this quest, retrieve the drive core located inside the heart of the Remnant derelict to prevent Morda from building a bomb. This mission starts automatically after completing ‘Parlay with the Krogan’.

Out of Gas
In this quest, your Nomad ship breaks down. You will now have to look around and try to make it up and running again. This quest starts when you are travelling on Eladeen and reach a point directly between the map boundary and the northernmost Forward Station in the Sea of Ataraxia.

Parlay with the Krogan
Meet with Strux in the Paradise who will tell you that Morda is planning an attack on the Nexus. Visit the krogan colony to look for information regarding this.

Rising Tensions
In this quest, help Shaman Kortik who fears unrest in Nexus due to a clan war. Speak to Shaman Kortik near the bar in New Tuchanka on Elaaden to start this mission.

Save Dr. Okeer’s Krogan Research
In this quest, Dr Ganar’s terminal is stolen which contain valuable research. Recover the research and return it to Dr Ganar to complete this mission.

Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core
In this quest, you will have to track down and recover the core which has been removed from the Derelict. This mission is automatically acquired after concluding the prerequisite ‘Investigate Remnant Derelict’ in Hell’s Promise.

Settling Elaaden
In this quest, you will have to resolve the tension between the groups on Eladeen before establishing an outpost.

Taming a Desert
In this quest, you will have to revamp the vault to make the conditions livable for species of Milky way and Angara. This mission starts when you first land on planet Eladeen.

The Flophouse
In this quest, your task will be to clear out the scavengers living in Eladeen’s flophouse in the canyon. This mission can be started after completing ‘Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core’. S

The Mind of an Exile
In this quest, help out Lexi by scanning scavengers in the Paradise and surrounding area so she can provide an analysis on the condition of Eladeen.

The Rebel
In this mission, you will be helping Kent Halsey. He traveled from the Nexus to locate his exile sister, Isabel, but he needs help. He thinks Velonia in the Paradise might have information to help find her.

The Search for Ljeta
In this quest, Rorik is concerned about his friend Ljeta who has mysteriously disappeared. Help him by finding out about her and track her down to give him his gift.

Water Supply
In this quest, confront Annea who sells inhabitants water instead of sharing it for free. This mission can be acquired at the Scavenger Flophouse (“Misery”).

Planet Eos Side Missions

A Job for Danny Messier
After clearing out the radiation from Eos, talk to Danny Messier in Prodromos, near the shuttle platform. He will be looking out for some advice from you.

Defeating the Kett
In this quest, you will be taking down the Kett Stronghold on Eos. It is located in a large power station. This mission automatically starts when you get close to the base located at The Sheartop.

Doesn’t Add Up
After completing ‘Task: Naming the Dead’, talk to Majordomo Bell-Scott at the main prefabricated structure on Prodromos to start this quest. He added the names of site 1 and site 2 causalities to list of survivors. But people are still missing. Find evidence regarding this.

Kett’s Bane
Start this quest by talking to a mysterious person in west of Eos in Presson Dunes. He says that he would like to help you take down and fight Kett on Eos.

Making An Impression
This mission can be started after receiving an email from the Tempest. Prerequisite for this mission is ‘A Better Beginning’. In this quest, you will have to place seismic hammers at different locations to achieve better irrigation on Eos.

Something Personal
In this quest, track down and convince Grace Lito to come back and help out on the outpost on Eos. This mission can be obtained from the datapad in area on the cliffs southeast of Site 1: Promise.

Shock Treatment
After arriving at the colony city of Prodromos, learn about a group of crew members who are trying to control the Remnants. Your first and foremost task is to find the work rosters.

Once done, head into the Medical Bay and towards the first monolith site. After arriving at the area, clear the area of enemies and scan the equipment there. From there, dash towards the final monolith site before the timer runs out.

The Secret Project
After you’ve rebooted the power at Site #1: Promise, you should be able to find a datapad on the 1st floor of the power station. This datapad should let you know about something wrong at Site #2: Resilience.

After arriving at the Site #2, investigate the large central building and enter via the western door. Once inside, use the terminal to unlock the research chamber and find the creature inside.

In order to deal with everything, try to head to the rooftop of the central research building to get rid of both the monster and Kett. Once you’ve dealt with these things, you should complete the mission.

Planet H-047c

From the Dust
In this quest, you will be working against a group of outlaws mining helium-3, an explosive substance. Infiltrate their base and find out their plans.

The Remnant Tiller
In this quest, stop the Outlaws who have discovered a Remnant device in a Remnant conservatory on H-047c that they believed would unlock vast quantities of helium-3 to exploit. Obtain it for the Initiative before the Outlaws.

Planet Havarl

A Dying Planet
In this mission, explore Havarl after you are told about it by Kiiran Dal’s team who you save from Remnant Stasis. Explore the planet to find what’s really going on there.

A Lost Sister
In this quest, you will be helping Sage Amurd. His sister Mithrava left years ago and he wants to see her. Search for her whereabouts in the records and return to Amurd with the information.

Cross-Cultural Alliances
In this quest, Director Addison will ask you to check on the situation of the researchers working on Planet Havarl. This mission can be started through received email after activating the Havarl vault.

Forgotten Stars
In this quest, Recover Raashel Vier’s data from the ruins of her jungle home. Talk to Raashel Vier in Pelaav Research Station on Havarl to obtain this mission.

Helping Havarl’s Scientists
This mission can only be started if the Meet the Resistance mission arc is completed first. After making initial contact with the angara, you must now gain their trust in order to meet the Moshae and access the vault on Aya. Help the trapped researchers at the monolith.

In this quest, you will be asked by Initiative scientists to analyze wildlife to determine fast growth on Havarl. Speak to scientists at Pelaav Research station to start this mission.

Planet Kadara Side Missions

A Packaged Deal
To start this quest, Speak with Thrasia at the wind farm located in Varren’s Scalp on Kadara just outside Kadara Port. She will sell you a weapons cache but then you’ll come to know that it was stolen from the nexus. Confront her after dealing with the exiles.

A People Divided
In this quest, you will be helping Reyes Vidal who believes that Roekaar are behind the murders in Kadara port. Investigate the murders for information.

Behind Enemy Lines
In this quest, Kaetus will ask you to investigate a band of stragglers causing troubles in Kadara. This mission starts after speaking with Kaetus in Sloane’s room in the Outcast Headquarters in Kadara Port on Kadara.

Counting Bodies
In this quest, Saneris and Drexel will both ask you to scan murder victims in the badlands. One wants justice, the other wants profit. Search for bodies in the cesspools, scan them, and decide who you’ll give the information to.

Emergency S.O.S
This mission is received while driving along the path leading to the northwestern part of the map in the Kurinth’s Valley region. Follow the SOS signal to investigate further.

Gone with the Wind
In this quest, Aislin will require your help to bring back parts of wind turbines being stole by the scavengers. Speak with Aislin in the Varren’s Scalp region northwest of Kadara Port to start this mission.

Healing Kadara’s Heart
In this quest, you will have to activate monoliths around the planet to begin the process of transforming the water supply into clean, drinkable water.

Mind Games
You will come across an asari, a krogan, and a salarian speaking nonsense in a house east of Kadara Port in the Haarfel region. Investigate the reason of their odd behavior.

Mixed Messages
In this quest, an exile by the name of Jim asks you to deliver a message to asari who is working at Tartarus. Talk to Jim in the prison cell upstairs from the Kadara Port docks to start this quest.

Modern Medicine
In this quest, you will be requested for help by Dr. Ryota in stealing back a medical formula which is being used by Sloane Kelly to create drug known as Oblivion. Talk to Ryota in the Slums of Kadara Port to start this mission.

Murder in Kadara Port
In a string of murders in Kadara Port, another corpse has been found. Scan the corpse to start the investigation.

Old Skinner
In this quest, you will be asked for help by a group of settlers whose leader ‘Bishop’ has gone missing. Talk with Christmas Tate in Ditaeon Outpost in Kadara to start this mission.

Out of the Frying Pan
In this quest, Outcast Grayson Wessler wrongly banished Remi Tamayo to the badlands. Help track Remi down before Kaetus finds out about Grayson’s mistake.

Precious Cargo
In this quest, Reyes Vidal has his cargo stolen by Zia Cordier, a rival smuggler. Help him retrieve the cargo before his client finds out.

Settling Kadara
In this quest, you will have to establish the Kadara planet to make it livable. you must solve Kadara’s water toxicity problems and quell the escalating rivalry between the Outlaws and Collective.

Something in the Water
The mission starts automatically when you travel along the path leading to the northwestern Kurinth’s Valley region and get close to the first building. Search the building for clues to angaran deaths here and investigate further.

The Baryte Rush
In this mission, an exile named Derc will hire you to check on a missing surveyor in Draullir. Speak to Derc in the Tartarus nightclub in the Kadara Slums.

The Charlatan’s Charlatan
This mission becomes available after completing conversation with Crux in a previous mission. You will be asked to discreetly investigate the collective base to help undercover imposters.

The Collective Base
This mission can be started in a cave system in Kadara during ‘The Baryte Rush’ quest. Speak with crux to start this mission and investigate the hideout in the caves.

Planet Nexus Side Missions

In this quest, Lieutenant Sajax needs your help to get the APEX up and running effectively. Talk to Sajax after completing ‘A Better Beginning’ quest. You can find him in the militia office.

In this quest, you will have to track down and return an escaped initiative citizen having an incurable disease. You will receive this quest when you return to Tempest after visiting the Kadara port.

Life on the Frontier
In this quest, you will be approached by Sid, Vetra Nyx’s sister who thinks she has discovered something strange and wants you to investigate it. You will receive this quest when you return to Tempest after visiting the Kadara port.

Sleeping Dragons
In this quest, you will have to talk with Nexus leadership to reach a deal with the protestors who want their family members released from the stasis.

The Firefighters
In this mission, you will be contacted by Dr. Aridana. Speak to her at the Nexus tech labs to start the mission.

Station Sabotage
The first thing you need to do is to find Technician Raj Patil after exiting Tann’s Office. Your task is to investigate 3 different sabotage sites and find out that Lani is examining the same problem.

Next thing that you need to do is to look at the security footage and find the bad dude. Finally, decide whatever you want to do with him and complete the side-quest.

The First Murderer
After speaking with the Turian worried about her convicted beloved. The first thing you need to do is to speak to the prisoner Nilken to learn the other side of the story. Once done, head to Kandros to dig even deeper.

After heading back on EOS, investigate the murder scene and follow the trail to a cave. I highly recommend using the Nomad because of radiations in the area. After learning the truth, make your choice and complete the side-quest.

Tempest Side Missions

Excess Baggage
In this quest, you will be helping out Suvi, who has discovered that the Tempest is carrying more mass than it should. You will be asked to scan the tempest rooms for anomalies.

Monkeys in Space
This mission only exists in Deluxe or Super Deluxe Editions. In this quest, you will be asked by Professor Herik to build a home for pyjak aboard The Tempest.

The Movie Night
The Movie Night is a series of request missions from Tempest Crew. There are a total of 6 requests you will have to complete in order to complete this mission.

Voeld Side Missions

A Frosty Reception
In this quest, you will be helping out Resistance fighters in a fight against the Kett forces. This mission automatically starts when you are traveling in the Eastern Part of Voeld and come close to the location of the fight.

Bridge Sabotage
To acquire this mission, defeat the Kett forces on the bridge southwest of Techiix on Voeld. After you defeat them, interact with the device marked on the bridge to start this mission in which you will have to find and disable the bombs.

Brought to Light
In this mission, you will be helping out Rjoek who wants you to find his colleagues stuck in the kett territory. Talk to Rjoek in Techiix to acquire this mission.

End of Watch
In this mission, you will be helping out Angaran Resistance in their fight against Kett invaders by collecting data from different battle sites. This mission is acquired by finding any one of the battle sites and reading the datapad there.

Eyes on the Ground
This mission is acquired automatically after speaking with the lookouts Beniska and Tseek as a part of the Meet the Resistance mission. Go to Hjara and investigate the camps where people are being kept.

Fact Or Fiction
Ari Vesjek is looking for information on first contact between the angara and the Kett people. He wants you to obtain logs from the Voeld Operation center. Speak to Ari Vesjek in a small building in Techiix to start the mission.

In this mission, you will be dealing with the cause of interference in the communication equipment in Voeld. Find the cause and deal with it.

In this quest, you will be investigating a data pad in the resistance base which says that supply drops are not arriving as scheduled. Investigate the cause of this.

Medical Caches
In this mission, you will be helping out the resistance obtain medical supplies required to save the fighters. Speak with Dr. Harihn in the medical bay to start this mission.

Meet the Family
In this mission, you will be helping out Nilij. You will be tasked to deliver a drive to Buxil in Techiix.

Missing Science Crew
In this quest, you will be searching for missing scientists after you receive news from Voeld Outpost. Visit Priya Blake and then search the lab for clues.

In this quest, you will be helping a Priestess who wants you to dissuade people of a new faction driven to self-destruction.

Remove the Heart
This mission continues from ‘Meet the family’ where you help Nilij and Buxil. Buxil will be helping you out decrypt the password needed to enter the Kett Operation station.

Resistance Trap
This mission is acquired in the north-western region of Techiix. You will see heavy smoke rising and you will have to investigate it. Defeat the Kett and save the survivors there.

Restoring a World
In this quest, you will have to locate and activate a remnant vault. This mission starts after getting close to one of the three monoliths.

Settling Voeld
This is the first mission on Voeld. You will have to find an outpost side and reach 40% viability on Voeld. Create the outpost to finish the mission.

Strange Beacon
In this quest, SAM asks you to investigate some strange readings from the nearby Remnant site. This mission starts when you approach the Remnant site east of Southwest Monolith.

A strange device has been discovered in the Remnant ruins and SAM needs more information regarding it. Destroy the Kett devices to start the mission.

The Lost Scout
In this quest, you will be helping out an Angaran Saboteur who is trapped in rubble after destroying a kett weapons depot. Scan the ruins and then rescue him.

The Lost Song
In this quest, Outlaws are poaching the Yevara and Angarans need your help. Track down and deal with these poachers to win favour of the Angaran people.

The Vanished
In this quest, you will be helping an Angaran family being hunted down by the Kett. Rescue the family from the Kett army.

Uncovering the Past
In this quest, you will be investigating an Ice Cave in Voeld. Clear out the Kett here and then investigate further.

Additional Side Missions

Lost Brother
In order to complete this side mission, you need to head over to Site #1 abandoned staging area on EOS. Make sure to drive there using the Nomad as the radiations can kill you in a matter of seconds. I highly recommend completing this side mission after you’ve terraformed the planet

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