Mass Effect Andromeda Scanning Guide

Scanning is back in Mass Effect Andromeda and has received a couple of minor changes. Scanning in the game is divided into two categories i.e. Personal Scanning and Planetary Scanning.

In our Mass Effect Andromeda Scanning Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about planetary & personal scanning.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Scanning

Personal Scanning in Andromeda is as simple as it can get! You should easily be able to spot a brief prompt on the lower-left of your screen every time there’s something worth-scanning nearby.

Scanning is not only required to complete various tasks & missions but is also required in order to accumulate RD points which are needed to conduct research and craft weapons, armor, augmentations, and upgrades.

Due to this, it’s paramount that you keep your eyes open at all times and scan whenever an opportunity arises.

Planetary Scanning

The game basically allows you to scan a planetary system for possible anomalies by simply moving your cursor around the system. By doing this, you should be able to spot a minor directional arrow on the orange circle.

This arrow basically directs you in the direction of the possible anomaly. At this point, all you need to do is to move your cursor in the direction of the arrow on the orange circle and you should be able to spot it.

Now all that remains is to send probes to the anomalies in order to retrieve goods which often comprise of crafting materials, etc.

Below is a list of all the systems where you can go and scan the plants and end up with some nice loot:

  • Zheng He System becomes available to explore after your receive the tempest! It is a Element Zero System and the planets are H-599 and Fei Xin
  • Erikksson System have Vinland, Helluland and Habitat 7
  • Pfeoffer System have Asteroid
  • Pytheos System contains Asteroid, Khonsu and H-276 along with three special wreckages
  • Onaon system is available after you visit Angara’s home and contains Asteroid, Sansesyol and Obayro
  • Sabenf system is an element zero system and contains Pas 15 and 33 planets.
  • Nalesh System has Ship Wreckage
  • The Nol system contains Asteroid, Pas 55, Ditivios and Architect Husk
  • Joba system
  • Faroang System has Comet Dawnstar, Farrum, Yilfaen.
  • Jirayder System has Candavorni and Starship Wreckage.
  • Govorkam System unlocks after beginning the priority Ops, a new world. It contains Thy’vernos, Mine and Starship Wreckage.
  • Solminae system has Avelosa and Surrico
  • Anasa is a Crafting system and has Sedele
  • Zaubray is a Graphite system and has Gorogorna and Dubracci.
  • Tecunis system contains Mosiiba, Vinvaiko and Comet Tamoko’s arrow.
  • Valon system has Ra Moorondi.
  • Hefena system has Kamiiro no and Comet Talula
  • Remav system has Ameayii and Nuundri
  • Tafeno system has Solad, Pas 65 and Tentrobiil
  • Shojoan system has Pas 48 and 24.
  • Togessan System has Starship wreckage and Asteroid.
  • Darhega is a crafting system and containg H 505.
  • Kindrax System had H 202 and a Starship Wreckage.
  • Skeldah Sytem has Kotkoborra.
  • Faross system has Grill and Asiaq.
  • Civki system unlocks after discovering Civki and contains H 110a, H 065 and Rakaelmo.
  • Ratul System has Govok’s Folly and Hybaro.
  • Vaar is a crafting system and has Ma Shesa and H 174.
  • Rohvir is a crafting system and has Momairus.
  • Meos system contains Siktin, Huiton and Comet Revolver.
  • Bosavy is an element zero system and has Pas 51.
  • Vaotessa is a crafting material system and has Neitquur and Stodraan.
  • Layaan system has Pas 40a and Pas 32.
  • Saajor system has Pas 77, 76 and 09 along with Comet Jarovbees

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