Mass Effect Andromeda Embargo Set To Lift On 20th March, Highly Positive Reviews Expected

Mass Effect Andromeda embargo is set to end on 20th March so that reviewers get to try the day one patch before submitting their verdict

Industry insider Shinobi602 has revealed that the Mass Effect Andromeda embargo ends on 20th March, 6AM PT.

With the game set to release in just two weeks, lifting the embargo a day before the US launch of 21st March might spell trouble for the highly anticipated Bioware RPG.

While recently it has started becoming a trend of lifting review embargoes just a day before the release of the game, many fans were hoping Mass Effect Andromeda embargo will be lifted earlier, perhaps a week early like Dragon Age Inquisition.

While that doesn’t seem to be the case this time, it is however a good thing that the game is part of EA/Origin Access and subscribers will be able to play the game for 10 hours starting on 16th March.

Those who try the 10 hour trial and don’t like the game or feel it is currently unpolished can opt out of their pre-order, this way creating their own review of the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda went gold last week and since then Bioware has been working on a day one patch for the game. That could also be the reason for lifting the Mass Effect Andromeda embargo so late since developers want reviewers to try the game with the Day One patch installed.

There is however currently no word on when the patch will be ready for deployment and might not even make it in time for the early access provided by EA/Origin Access.

The early access will also include the game’s multiplayer and Bioware revealed some new details regarding that recently.

The multiplayer will once again feature P2P connection like Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect Andromeda is finally set to release, after multiple delays, on 21st March in US and 23rd in EMEA. A 4K 60 FPS gameplay footage of the game was recently released showing the first few minutes of the game.

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