Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion quest to help you complete this secondary quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough tips.

Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion quest to help you complete this secondary quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough tips.

This quest requires Nexus Phase 2 after the opening of Kadara. In order to start the mission, you need to receive an e-mail from Captain Dunn after reaching the Docking Bay.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion

After receiving the e-mail, speak with Captain Dunn to learn more about the mission and how everything must be completed without anyone knowing about it. Speak with Dunn and head over to Dr. Carlyle to learn more about TH-314.

Your next stop is Nexus commons and speak with the immigration staff in the northeast edge of the area to learn about Ruth Bekker. Since Ruth isn’t in the area, you should be able to retrace the steps by scanning.

You should be able to spot Phantom Ruth at the immigration station, the display cases, walking toward the tram, trying to enter the tram, walking toward hydroponics, entering the Vortex Bar, and standing by a table in the bar.

You basically need to scan her image in the bar to complete this objective. Once done, ask around the Vortex about Ruth. Speaking to Teron in Addison’s Office should help you learn Ruth’s last-known location.

After speaking with Teron, speak to Samuel Francoeur outside the cultural center’s 1st level doorway and head towards the Tempest. Once on Tempest, track the shuttle before being directed to head to Kadara.

This part is not explained properly, so have to figure it out yourself. But not to worry as we will help you. Your scanner will help you follow Ruth wherever she goes around the Nexus and these are the places you will have to go; first to the Kiosk which is on the left side of the Immigration officer and then to the docking bar near the tram, walk by the wall on the right.

After that you will go to the merchants, from there go left and you will see that Ruth was at the tram controls.

The scanner will tell you that her access is denied, after that you will go to eh weapon’s merchant and then to the hydroponics and then on your right to get inside the Vortex bar.

You will inquire about Ruth from there especially the Salarian on the right. Then you will head on towards Nexus Ops to talk to Teron.

Teron will reveal that she went towards the Docking bay. You will head to docking bay towards your HUD marker and talk to the guy there. You will get instructions about tracking her.

Your task will be to find clues about the stolen Shuttle. You will use tempest’s Galaxy map and that will help you locate Ruth.

You will have to scan for anomalies, launch a probe and travel to the anomaly and scan it four times, each through Tecunis, Zaubray, Anasa and Solminae and you will get to Kadara in the end.

You will have to locate the Shuttle on Kadara and find clues there. You will get markers to two tracks, follow them and you will get to a building, investigate it.

Take out the enemies there and once you are done, use the console on the ground floor of the building to unlock the door on the top floor. Once you get to the Top there will be a Roekaar leader that you have to take down.

You will have a choice here, which lets you either let the leader get away and the other is that you kill him.

Whatever choice you make Ruth would be heading back to Stasis. You have a choice to make here either she lives or dies. You have seen some zombie movies. Make your call.

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