Marvel’s Spider-Man Bosses Guide

This Marvel’s Spider-Man Bosses Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about defeating all the bosses in the game.

When it comes to Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, be it a comic book issue, a film, or a video game, you can expect some iconic, unforgiving, and enigmatic bosses. Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is now available on PS4 and PC, is no exception.

To help you with that, we’ve compiled a Marvel’s Spider-Man Bosses Guide that will help you easily overcome them and save the day.

Marvel’s Spider-Man All Bosses

Okay, so bear with us, we’ll be delving into the skeleton of each fight discussing the weaknesses of each boss enemy and how you can capitalize on it. Also, it goes without saying; beware as we’re diving deep into spoiler territory. Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

King Pin

The first boss in the game and the most forgiving too, it’ll be Spidey vs. Wilson Fisk AKA King Pin who belongs to the heavy enemy type with high strength and endurance. At first, you won’t even be face to face directly with the King. Instead, you’ll need to take down his turrets with the help of your spider web abilities.

Unfortunately for Wilson, his own turrets will become his doom as you can press R1 to web up the turrets and then L1 to hurl them towards him breaking the glass. Now it’s just a case of repeating the whole thing until you whittle his health down and see a cutscene appear.

Deal with some minor enemies as well, before diverting your attention to the boss. Use the turrets to immobilize him, and only then land your punches. This will mark the end of the short and easy boss encounter with King Pin.

Mister Negative

The literal Mr. Negative; he’s later revealed to be Martin Lee and has incredible reflexes and speed. What makes him a real threat is how he can transfer some of his essence or power to the minor enemies around him to make them more menacing and making their weapons more damaging.

There will be two versions of Martin Lee that you’ll be facing during this fight. One of them is a super version, charged with negative energy that’s vulnerable to normal hits. In such a stage, only use your web shooters to deal damage. In the normal stage, you have many opportunities to land punches and kicks.

Soon, some followers will assist him and he’ll also throw projectiles thanks to a weird dragon that he’ll summon. Dodge these balls of energy with the dedicated Dodge button i.e. Circle. Deal max damage when he eventually resorts to his normal version. End the fight with this opportunity.

Scorpion & Rhino

One, a steel-suited enemy with a tail at its back, the other with a tough armor resembling the animal he’s named after, this will be a tough dual boss fight for Spidey. The difference in the fighting styles of two is the use of charged attacks with only Rhino being able to do it.

Furthermore, his projectiles also mean that you can see him as a more dangerous foe than Scorpion, even though the later can send out some projectiles on his own as well.

Use web shooters on Scorpion and deal damage with your punches. As for Rhino, stun him first using the objects (boxes, cranes, etc.) in your vicinity by luring him towards them. Then deal some decent damage. All the while, make sure you dodge his projectiles. So go with that strategy, stun Rhino, web up Scorpion and beat him, then go for Rhino again.

For Scorpion, the Impact Webbing move really works well. If you’re in a bad spot when it comes to HP, swing around the shipping area to restore your health while avoiding the poisonous projectiles of Scorpion. With persistence and obeying the pattern, you will be able to defeat the both of them.


You face this battle-suited enemy who can send out concussive forces of wind twice in the game. The first time is just an elaborate chase through the roads of Manhattan. Dodge his attacks successfully as soon as the Spider senses are tingling.

When you’ll get close enough, you’ll be able to deliver some hits. Continue with this pattern until you get rid of him… until you face him again.

This time you’ll need to make use of the environment as well. Jump over the shockwave attacks and dodge the beams of pressurized air. Finally, use your web powers to stun him and bring down the ceiling unto him to get rid of him for good.


Contrary to the other villains, this one is part of an optional side mission which you can track with the blue icon on the map at a certain point in the game. Once he’s revealed, use the Impact Webbing or Web bombs early on to make your close quarter combat effective against him. Then proceed to apply the cure to him.

This will put him in a rather weaker phase whereby you’ll have more windows of opportunity to attack the guy. Just beware of his fire chain attacks as they have a long range and may catch you off-guard, always dodge them. Finish him off with just the right knowledge of his attack patterns.


Another villain who’ll be involved in the side-stories game than the actual campaign, he’ll have many challenges that you can track with the orange icon on the map. These challenges will also reward you with Challenge tokens that you can use for upgrading some of the suits for special abilities.

When you’re halfway to clearing some of the challenges, you’ll be greeted by the Taskmaster in a hostile manner. The fight will commence on a normal rooftop, where you can use objects to stun him and then deal damage. However, you won’t be able to finish him off for good since he’ll flee.

At this point, continue with all the challenges and only after that, you’ll meet the Taskmaster again. Carry out perfect dodges and stun him to deal damage. You’ll need to do this five times before you can claim victory over him after all.

Electro and Vulture

Electro, as you might be having some idea, can deal damage thanks to his control over electricity, lightning, and currents. Vulture, on the other hand, prefers to have the fight in the air to show off his wingsuit and other devastating abilities.

It’s easier to first take Electro out of the fight. Whenever you notice him hovering above the generators, this is your window to attack. First, web him up and then proceed to deliver a combination of fists and kicks. Repeat this a few times to get rid of Electro without much effort.

Now you’ll be facing Vulture, all alone, who’s not a tough boss either. You’ll need to do a little thinking here and observe when you’re just in range for an attack for whenever Vulture stops his executing his own moves.

Dodge any strikes and keep closing your distance in on the enemy by rushing forward. With momentum building on your side, you’ll quickly be able to deal with Vulture for good.

Dr. Octopus

This will be the last enemy that you’ll face and he boosts special abilities like mechanical tentacles and controlling nanobots freely. He’s also well-armored so to sustain damage. The key here is not to get close to Doctor since his attacks are very damaging and come in quick succession, so unless you want to eat a lethal combo, web away.

Keep dodging his attacks and when you do so, you’ll notice there will be a small window within which you can web him up. This will give you the chance to pummel with triangle and deliver some clean blows.

He’ll also occasionally hurl objects towards you, dodge them or even better, counter by returning these objects in his general direction to stun him.

This will give you an even better chance to deal some decent damage. When you’ve dealt enough damage, Dr. Octopus will climb away and have the floor electrified making it impossible for you to survive unless you swing around or web onto a pole.

Keep returning objects at this phase too, and soon you’ll trigger the final cinematic cutscene which marks the end of the fight. Well fought!

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