Marvel’s Spider-Man Combat Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man Combat Guide will help you to be more efficient in fights with the best skills, combat moves, combos, and useful tools.

The Combat system in Marvel’s Spider-Man revolves around the fluid execution of combo attacks and the effective use of skills and gadgets.

There are numerous skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man however, not all of them are as effective in battle. So, the following guide will help you better understand the game’s combat system and discuss some tips, a few combos, and the best skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

How Does Combat Work in Marvel’s Spider-Man

A Spider-Man game would not be complete without its amazing combat system which is overflowing with unique mechanics that truly let you live and breathe as the Webslinger.

Players will go about normally taking down enemies and bosses without truly understanding these mechanics however several combat components like skills, combos, and gadgets must be considered for a fluid combat experience.

Combat Tips

Marvel’s Spider-Man features a similar combat system to the Batman Arkham series but with a unique twist of its own.

Basic combat is easy; however, pulling off combos requires you to remember the Key Binds.

While in combat, all you must do is attack and dodge. The significance of dodging enemy attacks is immense since it’s the only way to avoid taking damage and conserve health.

Watch your opponents and look for the perfect opportunity to dodge their attacks, avoid damage, and keep your combo streak going.

Consider the following for a slicker combat experience.

Scope out the Environment

Before you head into the combat area, make sure to scope it out for snipers, as they will give you a tough time during combat.

Make a Memorable Entrance

Once the snipers and other hurdles in the environment have been taken care of, make sure to make your entrance with a bang.

Start the offensive with a ground strike right in the middle of the enemy crowd to knock them back. Then follow up with Shockwave/Concussive Blast.

If you are on a rooftop, then the Concussive Blast can help you knock them off, so they don’t bother you again.

Use Web-Strike More Often

Web-Strike is one of the most useful combat skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It allows Spider-Man to throw a web that goes flying towards the enemy.

This also helps to zip through the combat area and get you out of the crowd for a breather.

Spam Those Web Shooters

The reason to use Web-Shooters is that they can stop the enemies in their tracks allowing you to take them out and since Web-Shooters recharge easily, there should be no issue spamming them.

Moreover, if the enemy is right next to a wall or an object, Web-Shooting them will immediately tie them to the surface.

Remember to Dodge

Your dodge ability works together with your Spider-Sense. When Peter senses incoming danger, a white halo surrounds his head and when there is immediate danger, a blue-ish halo will appear.

You must practice dodging right as that halo turns blue.

Don’t Choose Targets by Yourself

Instead of moving your aim to another target and beating them, press the triangle button or F key to switch your focus to another target. Doing this is much more efficient than manually choosing the target by yourself.

Make sure to switch targets after you’re finished with one. Try not to switch targets before you’re done defeating them.

Use Finishers and Healing at the right time

If look under your health bar, you’ll see the meter for your Focus. This meter can be filled up by dishing out damage.

Focus does two things in the game: heals you or allows you to perform a finisher. You must be very conscious of how you use your Focus.

In certain situations, it may be better to use the Finisher and kill the enemy instantly, while in other situations, you’ll be better off healing yourself. When you start in the game, try to mainly use your Focus with heal as using the finisher will just kill off the enemy, which will give you less time to practice the combat.

Be Creative!

Instead of just brawling with the bad guys, make an effort to be more creative. Not only is this a better way to take out enemies, but it’ll also result in a more enjoyable game experience.

There are a lot of ways to take out your opponents. Rather than old-fashioned brawling you can take enemies out with stealth, throw objects from the environment at them, toss them up into the air and pummel them, etc.

How to Fight Each Type of Enemy

There are seven types of enemies in-game. Each of them must be fought in a specific way; you can’t just punch your way through all of them.

Normal Enemies

The most basic enemy. Anything will work against them.

Melee Weapon Enemy

For this type of enemy, you must first knock them into the air by holding the square button or the mouse’s left click.

Shield Enemy

Attack them first by pressing square or left-clicking your mouse, and then press circle or double tap the WASD keys. Doing this will make you slide through their legs and strike them from the back.

Whip Enemy

You can’t attack Whip Enemies first. You must wait for them to attack you, which you’ll then dodge and counter. The best way to take these enemies down is by performing a perfect dodge, as it’ll blind-sight them; allowing you to easily take them down.

Brute Enemies

For Brute Enemies, you must strike them 5 times using your web shooter or other gadgets. Only then will you be able to hit them.

Sable Agents

These agents just have a ton of armor. Meaning, that you’ll have to dish out quite a few hits before they go down. Do note that you can remove their armor using your Concussion Blast Gadget.

Jetpack Agents

Get up close to these enemies by pressing the triangle button or F key, and then strike them two times.

Basic Combat Moves

Before we get to the advanced combat combos let us take you through the basic combat moves in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Other than dealing more damage, combos allow the execution of some creative moves.

The following are the basic combat Key Binds in Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Moves Button Inputs PS4 PC Key Binds
Basic Attack Square Left Click
Basic Combo Square, Square, Square, Square Left Click x4
Web Attack Triangle F
Yank Enemy Hold Triangle Q
Disarm Enemy Hold Triangle Q
Web Throw Hold Triangle Q
Spin Cycle Hold Triangle and Press Triangle  –
Dodge Circle Double Tap WASD buttons
Perfect Dodge Circle Double Tap WASD buttons
Perfect Hit Square Left Click
Long Dodge Circle, Cross  –
Dodge Under Square. Circle  –
Off The Wall Attack Circle, Square  –
Web Shooter Quickly Press R1 E
Throw Square, Hold Triangle Left Click, F
Yank Down Attack Hold Square, Hold Triangle  –
Yank And Throw Environment Hold L1 + R1 Q
Finisher Triangle + Circle 2
Heal D-pad Down 1

Air Combat Combos

Aerial combat is important in Marvel’s Spider-Man as it allows you to focus on one enemy ignoring the others. Moreover, it’s a skill that helps you generate additional Focus while engaging in aerial combat.

Here are the combos that will help you make the most of aerial combat.

Moves Button Input PS4 PC Key Binds
Air Launcher Hold Square  –
Air Launcher Follow Up Hold Square, Square  –
Air Combo Square, Square, Square, Square Left Click x4
Leap Off Square, Cross X
Swing Kick Hold Square  –
Air Yank Hold Triangle Q
Air Throw Hold Triangle Q
Ground Strike Square + Cross Space Bar, Left Click


Movement and traversal are essential aspects of Marvel’s Spider-Man as they are the main source of getting around the map.

Here are the basics you need to know for swinging your way through New York:

Moves Button Input PS4 PC Key Binds
Swing Hold R2 Left Shift
Jump Cross Space Bar
Charge Jump Hold R2 + Cross, release Cross  –
Web Zip Cross Space Bar
Zip to Point L2 + R2 L
Point Launch L2 + R2, Cross  –
Wall Run Hold R2  –
Vertical Wall Jump Cross Space Bar
Wall Cornering Hold Circle  –
Quick Recovery Cross Space Bar
Ceiling Hang L2 X
Air Tricks Triangle + Circle + R3  –


Skills are very important in Marvel’s Spider-Man. There are 3 skill trees in the game namely Webslinger, Defender, and Innovator.

Webslinger is dedicated to Spider-Man’s swinging abilities, Defender is dedicated to combating while Innovator is dedicated to being creative with your fighting style.

You can unlock 34 skills in the game. However, to purchase all of them you need to reach Level 50.

Must-Have Skills

With so many skills in the game, it can become difficult for the players to know which to use and which to ignore. Here is the list of Marvel’s Spider-Man skills that we believe are must-have options for players.

Perfect Dodge

This skill belongs to the Defender skill tree. During combat, the Perfect Dodge skill will aid you a lot.

The reason it is recommended is that while Spider-Man is capable of handling enemies on his own, he is not imperishable.

Perfect Dodge will not only help you save your health but also keep your combo going. However, it needs to be timed perfectly.

Web Throw

This skill belongs to the Innovator skill tree and allows you to grab the enemy, web him up, and leave them electrified. This is the most basic form of CC.

Dodge Window

This skill belongs to the Defender skill tree. It is very useful to pull off the Perfect Dodge as it gives some extra time to pull off the Perfect Dodge.

Air Marshal

This skill can be found in the Webslinger skill tree. It will grant bonus focus during aerial combat so boosting this ability will help you in the long run.

Quick Zip

This skill can be found in the Webslinger skill tree. It allows Spider-Man to swing faster and while swinging you can press “X” or the Space Bar a second time to keep your momentum going.

Point Launch

You will find this Skill in the Webslinger skill tree which allows players to gain a significant burst of speed. This combined with Quick Zip will help you traverse faster through the game’s world.

Now that we are done with the must-have skills for your overall gameplay experience. Following are some neat skills that will be useful in combat.

Web Throw

Web throw is the very first skill that you will unlock in the Innovator skill tree. Not only is it the first skill in line but the fact that it is extremely useful in battle is a bonus.

Perfect Dodge

This is the very first skill in the Defender skill tree. It is useful because when dodging it can help web enemies for a tiny bit.

Hazard Zone

This combined with Web Throw will allow you to create some space to throw projectiles at your enemies.

Pistol and Baton Yank

This skill is the first in the skill combos that will help you in combat, especially against armed enemies. Unlock Pistol and Baton Yank and follow it up with Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank.

This skill combo will help you snatch your enemy’s weapons. This is extremely useful when taking out opponents since you won’t need to worry about sniper bullets and rockets hitting you from nowhere.

Make Sure to Use Gadgets in Combat

Gadgets play an important role in combat as they give you an advantage over your enemies which is especially useful when you are swarmed by a bunch of them.

Gadgets have multiple uses and can be used to stun your enemies, lift them in the air for aerial combat, or even knock them back. These gadgets unlock as you progress through the game, however; some are optional for you to create.

There are eight gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man that you can use.

  • Web Shooters
  • Impact Webs
  • Spider-Drones
  • Electric Webs
  • Web Bombs
  • Trip Mines
  • Concussive Blasts
  • Suspension Matrix

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