Marvel’s Midnight Suns Producer Talks About Dualsense Exclusive Features

Marvel's Midnight Suns game producer has shared some tidbits about the Dualsense specific features on the PS5.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is going to be more immersive on PlayStation 5 thanks to its Dualsense controller. While talking to Play Magazine (October Edition), Game Producer, Garth DeAngelis shared some information regarding Dualsense specific features for Marvel’s Midnight Suns for the PS5.

I can’t speak to where that stands right now, but there is some unique haptic support and audio design with the controller, as well as how you engage with the photo mode with the touc-hpad, things are going to be unique for PS5 Dualsense.

So the unique features on PS5 won’t be restricted to Haptics only as we will be getting some sort of Photo Mode adaptation and some sound design based on the PS5 controller. Since the release of Dualsense, developers have been doing unique stuff with Dualsense’s haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers and it’s good to know that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will also utilize the potential of PS5 controller. Hopefully, Firaxis games will talk about these unique features more in detail before the release.

In the same interview, DeAngelis also reassured that Marvel’s Midnight Suns won’t feature and pay-to-win microtransactions. The marketplace in the game is only for for the future DLC purchases. They are currently working on 4 new characters with their story missions which will be available as DLC post-launch. Then there are some cosmetic skins and nothing else.

As you may already know, Marvel’s Midnight Suns was scheduled to release on October 7 but it has now been delayed with no specific official release date. Take-Two Interactive, during their financial earnings report, announced that the game is expected to release before the end of Fiscal year 2023.

So we can still expect the game to release before March 2023. However, since there is no release date, we shouldn’t expect the game to release in 2022. 2K Games or Firaxis Games haven’t shared any update on the new release date of Marvel’s Midnight Suns either. Recently, renowned insider Tom Henderson claimed that Firaxis has revamped the random card system for Marvel’s Midnight Suns which could also be a reason that contributed to the game being delayed as well.

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