Marvel’s Avengers Looks To Be The True Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Coming May 2020

After almost two years of silence Square Enix has finally revealed the upcoming Marvel's Avengers at E3 2019 with a new trailer.

After almost two years of silence Square Enix has finally revealed the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019. The game features fan-favorite Marvel heroes that players can take control of.

Not only that, Marvel’s Avengers features a variety of locations including space. Players will get to play as the Hulk, Iron Man, Captian America, Thor, and Black Widow. Also, the game is confirmed for May 15, 2020, release.

As for the villains, the trailer revealed Abomination and Task Master who succeed in defeating Avengers which causes them to go their separate ways.

Furthermore, Nolan North is playing Tony Stark/Iron man, Troy Baker is playing the Hulk and Laura Bailey is the one playing Black Widow.

Also, the game features 4 players coop and more characters will be added to the game with new content updates. This falls in line with the previous leak revealing the game’s description.

The game looks like it will be a combination of live-service and a story-focused game. Obviously, Marvel’s Avengers features an intriguing narrative while through the live-service model, the devs will drop new characters and content for the game.

However, releasing the game in 2019 could’ve been beneficial since Avengers Endgame released just a few months ago. But, game development is a long process and I would like to play a polished game rather than a sugar-coated live service title that’s shallow and requires a few updates in a span of months to become playable.

According to Marvel, Avengers game features a completely original story and will introduce players to a whole new universe that will keep them engaged for years to come. This indicates that Square Enix is developing the game based on the games-as-a-service model.

Marvel’s Avengers is an action-adventure game in development at Crystal Dynamics. The game will launch on May 15, 2020, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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