Marvel vs Capcom 3 Characters, Combos, and Special Moves Guide

Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Fate of the Two Worlds is an explosive encounter between heroes of the Capcom Universe, and Superheroes of the Marvel Universe. Considering this is a crossover game, you can expect a lot of content from both universes and this Marvel vs Capcom 3 Characters, Combos and Special Moves guide will be your key to it all.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Characters, Combos, and Special Moves

You will be playing legendary characters from both Marvel and Capcom Universes including massively popular characters such as Ryu, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Morrigan, as well as fan favorites such as Trish from Devil May Cry and the wise-cracking Deadpool. Our Marvel vs Capcom 3 Guide provides you with the background history, moves and combos of each character.

Fighting Moves Legend

  • D – Down
  • DF – Down Forward
  • F – Forward
  • UF – Up Forward
  • U – Up
  • UB – Up Back
  • B – Back
  • DB – Down Back
  • Attack – Either Light, Medium or Heavy Attack
  • S – Special

For each MvC 3 character below we will also tell you how to perform their special moves and combo.

Capcom Characters

Your favorite fighting characters from Capcom Universe.


Akuma first appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Akuma’s desire to be strongest made him abandon his humanity. The beads around his neck are thought to be of his master whom he killed and wears those as a tribute to him.

Akuma Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Gohadoken D,DF,F + Attack  
Zanku Hadoken (in air) D,DF F + Attack  
Goshoryuken F,D,DF + Attack  
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (in air) D,DB,B + Attack  
Hyakkishu Hyakki Gosho Hyakki Gojin Hyakki Goho B,D,DB + Attack (During Hyakkishu) Light Attack (During Hyakkishu) Medium Attack (During Hyakkishu) Heavy Attack  
Ashura Senku   F,D,DF (or) B,D,DB + S  
Combos Messatsu-Gohado Agyo D,DF,F + Attack Attack  
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo D,DF,F + Attack Attack Heavy Attack (hold down)  
Tenma-Gozanku Agyo   (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack  
Messatsu-Goshoryu   F,D,DF + Attack Attack  
Raging Demon Light Attack Light Attack -> Medium Attack Heavy Attack  


Amaterasu first appeared in Okami, the wolf incarnation of the Sun Goddess. She uses her power to restore peace and beauty to the lands.

Amaterasu Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Power Slash D,DB,B + Attack
Head Charge (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Weapon Charge D,D + Attack
Solar Flare F,D,DF + Attack
Thunder Edge   D,DF,F + Attack
Glaive Chop D,DF,F + S
Cold Star (With Devout Beads) D,DF,F + Attack
Combos Okami Shuffle (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Divine Instruments F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Vale of Mist (in air) D,DB,B + Attack Attack  


He is a Valiant Knight who goes into hell to save his love Princess Guinevere. Sir Arthur made his first appearance in Ghosts and Goblins and he is nothing short of surprises.

Arthur Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Lance Toss (In air ) D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Dagger Toss (In air ) D,DF,F + Light Attack
Scatter Crossbow (In air ) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Shield Deflect F,D,DF + Light Attack
Hellbound Slash F,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Scythe Toss (In air ) D,DB,B + Heavy Attack
Fire Bottle Toss (In air ) D,DB,B + Light Attack
Ax Toss (In air ) D,DB,B + Medium Attack
Heavenly Slash F,D,DF+ Medium Attack
Combos Goddess’ Bracelet D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Golden Armor D,DB,B + Attack Attack
For The Princess F,D,DF + Attack Attack

Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker was an employee of Umbrella Corporation and double agent in S.T.A.R.S team of Raccon City police. He has since betrayed Umbrella and is now working for Tricell.

Albert Wesker Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Cobra Strike D,DF,F + Light Attack
Jaguar Dash D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Jaguar Kick (During Jaguar Dash) Heavy Attack
Mustang Kick D,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Tiger Uppercut B,B,DB + Attack
Ghost Butterfly D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Phantom Move (During Ghost Butterfly) Attack (in air) F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Phantom Dance D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Rhino Charge D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Lost in Nightmares F,D,DF + Attack Attack

Chris Redfield

Familiar name ‘Resident Evil’ you know it. Part of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team, Chris is the survivor of the horrors of the umbrella corporation. Betrayed by his teammate later to become the arch enemy Albert Wesker. Chris was left to deal with the hordes of the dead. He is one of the founders of the B.S.S.A, designed to deal with Umbrella-like threats.

Chris Redfield Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Combination Punch D,DB,B + Attack
Body Blow (During Combination Punch L) Light Attack
Payoff (During Heavy Blow) Heavy Attack
Heavy Blow (During Body Blow) Medium Attack
Magnum Combo (During Combination Punch M) Heavy Attack
Grenade Toss F,D,DF + Attack
Gun Fire (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Prone Position D D + Heavy Attack
Combos Grenade Launcher D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Sweep Combo F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Satellite Laser D,DB,B + Attack Attack

Chun Li

Chun Li is an undercover detective with lightening fast kicks, and seeks to avenge her Father’s death. Chun Li first appeared in Street Fighter II and since then she has been fan favorite among all Women in fighting games.

Chun Li Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Hayakuretsukyaku Attack (rapidly press)
Kikoken B,DB,D,DF,F + Attack
Kikoanken (During H, Kikoken) Heavy Attack
Spinning Bird Kick (in air) D(charge)U + Attack
Hyakuretsukyaku Attack (rapidly press)
Tenshokyaku F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Kikosho D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Hoyokusen D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Shichisei Ranka F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Featured in Devil May Cry. Born from the union of rebellious Demon and Human women. Demons were responsible for killing his mother and corrupting his brother so he seeks revenge on them.

Dante Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Crystal D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Multi-Lock D,DF,F + Light Attack
Acid Rain (During Multi-Lock) D,DF,F + Light Attack
Million Carats (During Crystal) D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Hysteric D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Grapple (During Hysteric) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Reverb Shock D,DB,B + Light Attack
Fireworks (During Reverb Shock) Heavy Attack
Crazy Dance (During Reverb Shock) S
Revolver D,DB,B + Medium Attack
Fireworks (During Revolver) Heavy Attack
Crazy Dance (During Revolver) (During Jet Stream) S
Fireworks (During Jet Stream) Heavy Attack
Twister F,D,DF + Light Attack
Jet Stream D,DB,B + Heavy Attack
Jam Session F,D,DF + Heavy Attack
Tempest (During Twister) F,D,DF + Light Attack
Volcano F,D,DF + Medium Attack
Beehive (During Volcano) F,D,DF + Medium Attack
The Hammer (During Killer Bee) D,DF,F + Light Attack
Air Play (in air) D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Sky Dance (in air) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Air Trick D,D + S
Drive D,DF,F + S
Killer Bee (in air) D,DF,F + Light Attack
Combos Million Dollars D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Devil Trigger D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Air Raid (In air and During Devil Trigger) D,DB,B + S
Thunder Bolt (In air, in Devil Trigger form) D,DF,F + S
Vortex (In air, in Devil Trigger Form) F,D,DF + S
Devil Must Die F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Felicia made her first appearance Darkstalkers. She was raised by nun and dreams of becoming a star in singing career.

Felicia Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Rolling Buckler D,DF,F + Attack
Neko Punch (During Rolling Buckler) Light Attack
Rolling Slide (During Rolling Buckler) Medium Attack
Rolling Uppercut (During Rolling Buckler) Heavy Attack
Cat Spike F,D,DF + Attack
Delta Spike B,D,DB + Attack
Sand Splash B(charge)F + Attack
Hell Cat F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
EX Charge D,D + Heavy Attack (hold down)
Combos Dancing Flash D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Kitty’s Helper F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Please Help Me D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Mike Haggar is the former wrestler and mayor of Metro City. He made his first appearance in the Final Fight ‘Classic Arcade Fighting Game’. He was one of the playable characters in Final Fight – other two being Guy and Cody.

Mike Haggar often takes the street to deal with Metro City’s gang problems. Now, after two decades of wait, you can put em up against the likes of Ryu, Chun Li, and Hulk. Mike Haggar, remember the name!


Haggar Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Violent Axe D,DF,F + Attack
Hoodlum Launcher F,D,DF + Attack
Flying Pile Driver F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Double Lariat Special+Attack
Skyhigh Back Drop (in air) F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Wild Swing (in air) D,DF,F + S
Combos Rapid Fire Fist D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Giant Hugger Press F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Final Haggar Buster F,DF,D,DB.B + Attack Attack


Hsien-Ko and Lin-Lin were twins, born in a family of Senjutsushis. Both were raised to be Senjutsushis and were taught Senjutsu. On the ceremonial night when they were to become a Senjutsushi, their village was attacked by Darkstalkers. Hsien-Ko’s mom gave her life to save her family, but because of this her soul was trapped in Darkness. Now, Hsien-Ko and her sister fight to save their mother’s soul.

Hsien-Ko Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Anki Hou D,DF,F + Attack
Senpu Bu F,D,DF + Attack
Henkyo Ki (in air) B,D,DB + Attack
Houten Geki D,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Chireitou D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Tenrai Ha D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Rimoukon F,D,DF + Attack Attack

Jill Valentine

(DLC) – First featured in Resident Evil. Jill was one of the members of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team, partner of Chris Redfield. She was also one of the few people to escape Raccoon City before it was destroyed. Her appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3 supports syncs with her look in Resident Evil 5. She is evil now!

Jill Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Flip Kick D,DF,F + Light Attack
Cartwheel Kick D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Arrow Kick D,DF,F + Hard Attack
Double Knee Drop (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Fallen Prey F,D,DF + Light Attack
Ensnarement   F,D,DF + Medium Attack
Position Exchange F,D,DF + Hard Attack
Feral Crouch D,D + Special
Low Sweep (During Feral Crouch) Light Attack
Jumping Roundhouse (During Feral Crouch) Medium Attack
Sumersault Kick (During Feral Crouch) Hard Attack
Combos Machine-Gun Spray D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Raven Spike F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Mad Beast (Level 3 Hyper Combo) D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Even after her father passed away and with throne hers she likes to spends most of her time in Human World neglecting her duties as she beats the crap out of humans and her magical brethren. If her magical powers weren’t enough, she can transform her bat wings into all things offense or defense.

Morrigan Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Soul Fist D,DF,F + Attack  
Shadow Blade F,D,DF +Attack  
Vector Drain F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack  
Flight D,DB,B + S  
Combos Finishing Shower D,DF,F + Attack Attack  
Astral Vision D,D +Attack Attack  
Shadow Servant   F,D,DF + Attack Attack  
Darkness Illusion (Level 3 Hyper Combo) (in air) D,DB,B + Attack Attack


One of the well known fighting characters in video games history. Rival to Ken, Ryu doesn’t rest and is always searching for the next big challenge while improving his skills. He fights using the art of Ansatsuken as taught to him by his master, Gouken.

Ryu Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Hadoken F,D,DF + Attack
Shoryuken F,D,DF + Attack  
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku D,DB,B + Attack  
Jodan Sokuto Geri B,D,DB + Attack  
Combos Shinku Hadoken (Vertical Up) (Vertical Down) D,DF,F + Attack Attack D,DF,F + Attack Attack – U (hold down) (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack – D (hold down)  
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku D,DB,B + Attack Attack  
Shin Shoryuken (Level 3 Hyper Combo) F,D,DF + Attack Attack  


Bionic Commando – Spencer was once a bionic operative for a special branch of government until the government betrays him forcing him to go rogue.

Spencer Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Wire Grapple (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Jaw Breaker F,D,DF + Attack
Armor Piercer D,DF,F + S
Reel In Punch (when Wire Grapple hits) Light Attack
Zip Kick (when Wire Grapple hits) Medium Attack
Come ‘ere (when Wire Grapple hits) Heavy Attack
Smash Kick (During Jaw Breaker Medium or Heavy) Heavy Attack
Critical Hit (During Jaw Breaker Medium or Heavy, specific timing) Heavy Attack
Combos Bionic Maneuvers D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Bionic Lancer D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Trish was created by an arch demon to seduce and destroy Dante. However she turns on her master and fight alongside Dante to save the day. She first appeared in Devil May Cry, and now is the part of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster.

Trish Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Low Voltage (In air) D,DF,F + Attack
Trick ‘HopScotch’ (In air) D,DB,B + Light Attack
Trick “Peekaboo” D,DB,B + Medium Attack
Round Trip (In air) D,DB,B + Heavy Attack
Switch Sign (In air) (During Round-Trip) F,D,DF + Attack
Air Raid (In air) D,DB,B + S
Combos Maximum Voltage D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Round Harvest D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Duet Pain F,D,DF + Attack Attack

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne first appeared in Megaman Legends. A Pirate, anti-hero who uses her servbots to do the job for her. She is the sister of the criminal Bonne family of air pirates.

Tron Bonne Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Bonne Strike B,D,DB + Attack
Beacon Bomb’ D,DF,F + Attack
Servbot Launcher F,D,DF + Attack
Bonne Mixer F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Servbot Takeout D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Shakedown Mixer F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Servbot Surprise F,D,DF + Attack Attack

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joy has been protecting the World from movie villains, giant robots. His began his fight in the persuit of his girlfriend who was sucked into the movie screen while Captain Blue adventure. Viewtiful Joe fights for truth and justice using the time altering powers of his V-watch, which is activated by the magical phrase “Henshin.”

Viewtiful Joy Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Voomerang D,DF,F + Attack
Shocking Pink D,DB,B + Attack
Red Hot Kick (in air) D,DB,B + Attack
Air Joe (in air) Attack (rapidly press)
Groovy Upper Cut F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Desperado (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Viewtiful God Hand D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Mach Speed F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Crimson Viper is a 20 something fighter who made her first appearance in Street Fighter IV. She is a single mother and her daughter, Lauren has her attention all the time. She is investigating the Blece Project, and in charge of the Battle Suit project when she is working her disguise as S.I.N. operative. She enters the tournament, they hold to test the prototype, if successful will be reassigned to the BLECE project, her main goal.

C. Viper Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Thunder Knuckle D,DF,F + Attack
Burning Kick (in air) D,DB,B + Attack
EX Burning Kick (in air) D,DB,B + S (Uses 1 Hyper Combo Gauge stock)
Seismic Hammer F,D,DF + Attack
EX Seismic Hammer D,D,DF + S (Uses 1 Hyper Combo Gauge stock)
Combos Emergency Combination D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Viper Full Throttle F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Burst Time D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Zero made his appearance in Megaman X and then Megaman Zero. Despite being created by the evil Dr. Wily, Zero fights for good and righteous causes throughout his robotic existence. Zero works as a Maverick Hunter, a soldier in charge of defeating Mavericks, robots who turned against humanity. He plays the role as X’s comrade and best friend in the X series.

Zero Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Hadangeki D,DF,F + Attack
Ryuengin F,D,DF + Attack
Raikousen (in air) F,D,DF + Attack
Sentsuizan (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Hyper Zero Blaster Attack (hold down)
Combos Rakkoha D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Genmu Zero D,D,DF + Attack Attack
Sougenmu D,DB,B + Attack Attack

Marvel Characters

Your favorite super heroes from Marvel Universe.

Captain America

Steve Rogers, a fine arts student born during the great depression was injected with the Super Solider Serum, giving him superhuman strength and agility. Since then he has fought countless battles aiding his country in war. He made his first appearance in Captain America Comics #1 and was supposedly assassinated in Captain America Comics #5 though he is still alive. (Heroes don’t die do they ?)

Captain America Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Shield Slash (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Charging Star D,DB,B + Attack
Stars & Stripes F,D,DF + Attack
Backflip S, Attack (press simultaneously)
Combos Hyper Charging Star D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Final Justice D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Hyper Stars & Stripes F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Deadpool is a talkative mercenary, an anti-hero originally making his appearance in The New Mutant #98. He talks a lot but gets the job done. Deadpool is also known for its humorous nature.

Deadpool Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Trigger Happy (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Ninja Gift (in air during Trigger Happy) Attack
Quick Work D,DB,B + Attack
Katana Rama! F,D,DF + Attack
Chimichangas!! (During Katana-Rama!) Heavy Attack
Combos Happy Happy Trigger (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack
4th-Wall Crisis F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Cuttin’ Time D,DB,B + Attack Attack

Doctor Doom

A recurring supervillain, he is the archenemy of the Fantastic Four and also the leader of the nation of Latveria. Doom is both a genius inventor and a sorcerer, and has fought numerous other superheroes in his various plots for power and/or revenge over the years. Victor von Doom was first featured in The Fantastic Four comics #5.

Doctor Doom Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Plasma Beam (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Photon Shot (in air) D,DB,B + Attack
Flight (in air) D,DB,B + S
Molecular Shield F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Photon Array (in air) D,DB,B + Attack Attack  
Doom’s Time D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Sphere Flame F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Ruler of an alternate dimension, Dormammu became a perennial foe of Sorcerer Supreme and maverick Doctor Strange, who until this time had dealt almost exclusively with off-beat “one-off” mystical threats. Ruling the Dark Dimension wasn’t enough for Dormammu so he used his mystical powers to try and conquer other dimensions.

Dormammu Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Dark Spell: Destruction D,DB,B + Light Attack
Dark Spell: Creation D,DB,B + Medium Attack
Liberation D,DB,B + Heavy Attack
Dark hole (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Purification F,D,DF + Attack
  Mass Change (in air) B,D,DB + Attack
  Flight D,DB,B + S
Combos Chaotic Fame D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Dark Dimension F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Stalking Flare D,DB,B + Attack Attack


The Hulk (The Incredible Hulk #1) is cast as the emotional and impulsive alter ego of the withdrawn and reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner. The Hulk appears shortly after Banner is accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb he invented. Now whenever Bruce gets angry, he involuntary becomes the massively strong and powerful Hulk.

Hulk Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Gamma Wave B(charge)F + Attack
Gamma Charge D,DF,F + Attack
Gamma Charge 2nd (During Gamma Charge) Attack
Gamma Charge (Anti Air) F,D,DF + Attack
Gamma Charge 2nd (Anti-Air) (During Gamma Charge (Anti-Air)) Attack
Gamma Tornado F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Gamma Tsunami D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Gamma Quake F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Gamma Crush D,DB,B + Attack Attack

Iron Man

Billionaire Tony Stark fights the forces of villainy in the high-tech Iron Man armor. He is one of the cornerstones of the Super Hero community and a founding member of the Avengers.

Iron Man Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Uni Beam D,DF,F + Attack
Repulsor Blast D,DB,B + Attack
Repulsor Spread (During Repulsor Blast) D,DB,B + Heavy Attack
Smart Bomb F,D,DF + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Combos Proton Cannon D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Iron Avenger D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Angled Proton Cannon F,D,DF + Attack Attack


With almost complete control of magnetism, Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants alive. He uses his massive powers to fight for his own mutant agenda at any cost. Thought to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor whose actions are driven by the purpose of protecting the mutant race from suffering a similar fate.

Magneto Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Electromagnetic Disrupter D,DF,F + Attack
Magnetic Blast (in air) U, UF,F + Attack
Hyper Gravitation D,DB,B + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Force Field F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Magnetic Shockwave D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Gravity Squeeze F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Magnetic Tempest D,DB,B + Attack Attack


M.O.D.O.K., the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing who leads Advanced Idea Mechanics, is gifted with super intelligence and psionic power, using these powers to vex the world’s Super Heroes. M.O.D.O.K. made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense issue #93.

M.O.D.O.K. Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Battering Ram S, Attack (press simultaneously)
Psionic Blast D,DF,F + Attack
Psionic High Blast (With Psionic power charged) D,DF,F + S
Balloon Bomb F,D,DF + Attack
Jamming Bomb (With Psionic power charged) F,D,DF + Special
Flight D,DB,B + S
Analysis Cube D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Hyper Psionic Blast D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Hyper Battering Ram D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Killer Illumination F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Jean Grey-Summers is a mutant born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Her powers first manifested when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car. She is a caring, nurturing figure, but she also must deal with being an Omega-level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force.
She faces death several times in the history of the series, first in the classic “Dark Phoenix Saga” but due to her connection with the Phoenix Force, she, as her namesake implies, rises from death. Being a receptacle for the powerful Phoenix Force, grants Jean near god-like powers when it becomes fully active.

Phoenix Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
TK Shot D,DF,F + Attack
TK Trap D,DB,B + Attack
TK Overdrive F,D,DF + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Teleportation B,D,DB + Attack
Combos Phoenix Rage D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Healing Field D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Dark Phoenix Rising Level 5 Hyper Combo that occurs when Vitality is reduced to zero


Dr. Bolivar Trask invented Sentinels for only one purpose ‘to destroy or capture mutants’. There have been many different types of Sentinels employed by different groups since there first appearance in The X-Men #14.

Sentinel Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Rocket Punch D,DF,F + Attack
Sentinel Force D,DB,B + Attack
Human Catapult F,D,DF + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Combos Plasma Storm D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Hard Drive (in air) D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Hyper Sentinel Force D,DB,B + Attack Attack


When Jennifer Walters received a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, she gained the power to become She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Heavy Strike D,DF,F + Attack
Somersault kick F,D,DF + Attack
Runner’s Start D,D + S
Chariot (During Runner’s Start) F
Somersault kick+ (During Chariot) Heavy Attack
Torpedo (During Chariot) Light Attack
Emergency Stop (During Chariot) S
Catapult (During Runner’s Start) B
Shooting Star (During Catapult) Light Attack
Flying Drop Kick (During Catapult) Medium Attack
Diving Senton (During Catapult) Heavy Attack
Emergency Landing (During Catapult) S
Clothesline (During Chariot) Medium Attack
Combos Emerald Cannon D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Emerald Impulse (During Emerald Cannon) D,DF,F + S
Emerald Disaster (During Emerald Impulse) D,DF,F + S
Road Rage (Level 3 Hyper Combo) D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Taking out the Trash F,D,DF + Attack Attack


(DLC) – Giant tentacled creature which evoked terrible dread and was worshipped in time immemorial and long ago locked away from our plane of existence. Shuma-Gorath first featured in Marvel Premiere #5 when a magician invokes it in a curse against humanity. This terrible creature wants to enslave humanity with its super natural powers and ability to shapeshift.

Shuma-Gorath Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Mystic Stare B (Charge) F + Attack
Mystic Smash (in air OK) D,DF,F + Attack
Devitalization F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack  
Mystic Ray D (Charge) U + Attack
Combos Hyper Mystic Smash F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Hyper Mystic Ray D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Chaos Dimension (Level 3 Hyper Combo) D,DF,F + Attack Attack – Hard Attack  


Peter Parker was an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and as a teenager, having to deal with the normal struggles of adolescence in addition to those of a costumed crime fighter. When a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, he gained the proportionate strength and agility of the arachnid, which he now uses to fight evil.

Spider-Man Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Web Ball D,DF,F + Attack
Spider Sting F,D,DF + Attack
Spider-Bite (During Spider Sting) Heavy Attack
Web Throw B,D,DB + Attack
Web Glide S+Attack
Web Swing F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Maximum Spider D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Ultimate Web Throw F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Crawler Assault F,D,DF + Attack Attack


African American ‘Ororo Munroe’ was gifted with the mutant ability to control weather. She joined the X-Men and has been one of their most reliable members of the X-Men since then. She made her first appearance in Giant Size X-Men #1.

Storm Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Whirlwind D,DF,F + Attack
Double Typhoon D,DB,B + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Lightning Attack S+Attack
Lightning Sphere (in air) F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Lightning Storm D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Elemental Rage F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Hail Storm D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Kl’rt – more commonly known as the Super-Skrull hails from the Skrull capital world of Tarnax IV (in the Tarnax System in the Andromeda Galaxy) which has since been destroyed by Galactus. The Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII wanted revenge against the Fantastic Four, who thwarted the Empire’s attempt to invade Earth.

Dorrek handpicked the warrior Kl’rt (Fantastic Four #18), who was artificially augmented and given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. Kl’rt’s power levels, however, exceeded the originals stronger than the Thing; superior flight and greater pyrokinetic ability than the Human Torch; better control of invisibility and telekinesis than the Invisible Woman; and an ability to stretch beyond that of Mr. Fantastic.

Super-Skrull Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Orbital Grudge D,DF,F + Attack
Tenderizer Attack (press rapidly)
Elastic Slam D,DB,B + Attack
Rolling Hook F,F,F + Heavy Attack
Worm Squash D,D + Heavy Attack
Meteor Smash F,D,DF + Attack
Combos Skrull Torch D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Death Penalty F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Inferno D,DB,B + Attack Attack


Taskmaster is a mysterious figure believed to have been born in the Bronx, New York City. He has the ability to mimic the physical movements of anyone he witnesses. He uses his abilities as a mercenary working for the highest bidder.

Taskmaster Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Aim Master D,DF,F + Attack
Guard Master D,DB,B + Attack
Sword Master F,D,DF + Attack
Head Butt (When Sword Master Light is blocked) Heavy Attack (When Sword Master Medium is blocked) Heavy Attack (When Sword Master Heavy is blocked) Heavy Attack
Lights Out (During Head Butt) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Below the Belt (During Head Butt) Medium Attack
Low Kick (During Below the Belt) Heavy Attack
Lights Out (During Low Kick) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack   (During Knee Kick) D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Shield Bash (During Low Kick) Heavy Attack
Knee Kick (During Shield Bash) Medium Attack
Combos Legion Arrow D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Aegis Counter D,DB,B + Attack Attack


The God of Thunder wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir to fight the forces of evil. He is also a founding member of the Vengadores. Thor made his first appearance in comic Journey Into Mystery #83.

Thor Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Mighty Spark D,DF,F + Attack
Might Smash F,D,DF + Light (or) Medium Attack (charged) F,D,DF + Heavy Attack
Might Strike B,D,DB + Attack
Flight D,DB,B + S
Might Speech D,D + Heavy Attack (hold down)
Mighty Hurricane F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Mighty Tornado D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Mighty Punish F,DF,D,DB,B + Attack Attack
Mighty Thunder F,D,DF + Attack Attack


Born as James Howlett and commonly known as Logan, Wolverine is a mutant, possessing animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, three retracting bone claws on each hand and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin at an accelerated rate.

The healing factor also slows down his aging process, enabling him to live beyond a normal human lifespan. His powerful healing factor enabled the supersoldier program Weapon X to bond the near-indestructible metal alloy adamantium to his skeleton and claws without killing him. He made his first appearance in the The Incredible Hulk#180.

Wolverine Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Berserker Barrage D,DF,F + Attack
Tornado Claw F,D,DF + Attack
Drill Claw S+Attack
Berserker Slash D,DB,B + Attack
Combos Berserker Barrage X D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Berserker Charge D,D + Attack Attack
Weapon X (Level 3 Hyper Combo) F,D,DF + Attack Attack
Fatal Claw D,DB,B + Attack Attack


A female clone of Wolverine, X-23 has all of his powers in female form. X-23 made her first Appearance in X-Men: Evolution (“X-23”) tv series and NYX #3 comic.

X-23 Special Moves and Combos

Special Moves Move Command
Neck Slice D,DF,F + Light Attack
Ankle Slice D,DF,F + Medium Attack
Crescent Skythe F,D,DF + Attack
Decapitating Slice D,DF,F + Heavy Attack
Mirage Feint D,DB,B + Attack
Talon Attack (in air) D,DF,F + Attack
Combos Rage Trigger D,DF,F + Attack Attack
Silent Kill (Level 3 Hyper Combo) D,DB,B + Attack Attack S
Weapon X Prime F,D,DF + Attack Attack

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