Mark Cerny: PlayStation 4 Pro Could Achieve 8.4 Teraflops Of Computational Power

According to system architect, Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4 Pro could achieve the 8.4 Teraflop of computational power with a new feature.

PlayStation 4 Pro has been in the talks one way or another ever since Sony revealed it during the PlayStation Meeting last month. The most prominent feature of this upgraded console is its 4.2 Teraflops of power, and according to a Microsft exec, it not enough to do native 4K. However, according to Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4 Pro can reach 8.4 Tflops.

Speaking with Eurogamer, system architect, Mark Cerny, explained that with a certain new feature in PlayStation 4 Pro, the console can achieve 8.4 Tflops of computational power.

One of the features appearing for the first time is the handling of 16-bit variables – it’s possible to perform two 16-bit operations at a time instead of one 32-bit operation. In other words, at full floats, we have 4.2 teraflops. With half-floats, it’s now double that, which is to say, 8.4 teraflops in 16-bit computation. This has the potential to radically increase performance.

Cerny also revealed that PlayStation 4 Pro will feature 1 Gigabyte of extra RAM. According to him, the reason for this extra RAM is that Playstation is taking a different direction in upgrading the Playstation’s hardware.

He further explained that extra PlayStation 4 RAM is being put in to ensure that the actual video games on the Playstation 4 Pro have more memory and space in the console. This 1 GB of new memory will clear out 10 percent more RAM for the video games running on the console.

While the console is set to launch next month, industry analysts are already speculating what this could mean for the next console generation. According to Jim Ryan, Global Head of Marketing & Sales for PlayStation, PlayStation 4 Pro’s success could potentially raise the expectations for the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4 Pro will launch on November 10, 2016 and will be priced at $399. While the console will drop next month, but PlayStation 4 Pro Amazon units are sold out in Germany.

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