There Will Be 1 Gigabyte of Extra Playstation 4 Pro RAM: Mark Cerny

Accoridng ot the architect of the Playstation 4 Pro Mark Cerny, there will be 1 gigabyte ofx extra Playstation 4 Pro RAM to help with running games.

Mark Cerny, the architect of the Playstation 4 Pro, has said that we will be getting one extra gigabyte of extra Playstation 4 Pro RAM when the console releases in early November. Cerny said that the reason for that is because Playstation is taking a different direction in upgrading the Playstation’s hardware.

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According to Cerny, the extra Playstation 4 RAM is being put in to ensure that the actual video games on the Playstation 4 Pro have more memory and space in the console. The new gigabyte of RAM will give them around 10 percent more space than games had on the original Playstation 4 console.

Unlike the Playstation 4 console, which had an application still be running when you switch from an application to a game on the console, the Playstation 4 Pro instead moves the app to that 1 gigabyte of extra Playstation 4 Pro RAM to free up memory while you’re playing the game so that the game has more room to run. The rest of the RAM will be taken up by the Playstation 4 Pro’s interface.

With this extra Playstation 4 Pro RAM, Cerny says that games on the Playstation 4 Pro can now use an additional 512 megabytes of memory. This memory helps them buffer high-quality textures and graphics faster, so that there’s less pop-in on the textures.

This all ends up helping the greater graphics promised on the Playstation 4 Pro by Sony, which will be running games at native 4K resolution.

We got multiple examples of this in the Playstation Meeting that actually unveiled the Playstation 4 Pro, allowing Playstation to show off games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more. The console will also include high-dynamic-range imaging.

The Playstation 4 Pro will be releasing on November 10 of this year, and will be the most direct competitor for the Xbox One Scorpio, which is supposed to be releasing sometime in the first quarter of next year.

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