MapleStory 2 Gets a Cinematic Trailer, Scheduled to Release in 2015

Among the multiple titles including Vindictus that come to mind when a player thinks about the South Korean developer, Nexon, is the MapleStory franchise. The franchise originally began in Korea in 2003 and was developed by Wizet which was later acquired by the publisher Nexon.

The well received 2D side scrolling MMORPG has a sequel in the works, MapleStory 2 and a new cinematic trailer for the sequel was recently released. Unlike the predecessor, MapleStory 2 will have a full 3D world for players to explore.

While the trailer is a cinematic one so you can’t really judge the gameplay or visual fidelity by it, if the original game was any indication, the sequel would be simply amazing especially for MMO players.

The second closed beta testing of the game is set to begin in January 2015 and the trailer also mentions the release date of the game itself, which is sometime in 2015 as well.

The new beta testing will have increased number of zones, from 53 to 85 as well as new monsters, NPCs, dungeons and bosses as well as more playable classes such as Berserker and Thief.

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