Manhunt and Bully Release on PS4 for £11.99

Rockstar classics Manhunt and Bully release on PS4…oh wait! Bully is no longer there. Both games appeared on the European PlayStation Store at the same time but Bully can’t be found at the store anymore.

The links here and here listed Manhunt and Bully but Bully isn’t listed anymore. It is available on the North American PlayStation Store tough.

We believe Bully will be back and it is probably an error that affected its availability. Manhunt is listed for £11.99 and same is the price for Bully. We will let you know as soon as Bully is back on the store.

Bully is a classic Rockstar title and we would like to see it come back with a sequel. However, Red Dead 3 is most likely to be next from Rockstar. Rumor has it that Red Dead 3 will release sometime next year and is expected to be announced later this year.

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