Jose Mourinho Imposes Manchester United Pokemon Go Ban

Jose Mourinho, the new manager of Manchester United, has instituted a Manchester United Pokemon Go ban for players 48 hours before a game.

Jose Mourinho, the manager of the Premiere League football club Manchester United, has launched a full Manchester United Pokemon Go ban, forbidding players from playing the game for 48 hours before each game. Considering how important it is that the club wins those games, you can understand why the ban is in place.

Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 75 million times, and is getting 10,000 dollars in revenue every hour, with over three million dollars each day. Mourinho became the manager of Manchester United back in May, over a month before Pokemon Go came out.

He’s already gotten a reputation in his managing career of valuing results over playing beautiful football. Considering his win record, however, it’s likely that his players won’t care.

The Manchester United Pokemon Go ban isn’t all that bad; Mourinho did say that he wants his players to have a certain amount of liberty during their rest periods between games, but that he wants maximum concentration on playing soccer before the team goes to their next game.

Considering how WWE team The Shining Stars lost a match because of the mobile game, Mourinho’s ban is even more relevant to Manchester.

While he is reputed to care more about winning games than playing beautiful football, Mourinho also has a fair bit of tactical knowledge. Something of note is that he actually has a brilliant record against Manchester United itself; with that he would know all of their weaknesses and where they need to improve, so he’s a fairly good idea for a manager, especially since his former teams have played against Manchester U and won for the past 12 years. Out of 20 games, he’s only lost two.

Considering that it’s only three days without playing the game, hopefully the Manchester United Pokemon Go ban will go over well and Manchester United players will be able to keep their heads out of their phones and on the pitch. Even if there’s a rare Pokemon available.

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