Man Caught Stealing A Truck With $1 Million Worth Of Xbox One Consoles

A supsect has been arrested from Louisville truck stop in Kentucky who was trying to steal a truck Worth Of $1 Million Xbox One Consoles.

E3 is around the corner and everyone is waiting for Microsoft to unveil some new games so we can decide whether we should pick an Xbox One or not. Meanwhile, someone has been caught by the police stealing $1 Million Worth Of Xbox One Consoles.

We don’t really know if that person was an insane game who stole the truck from Louisville truck stop in Kentucky. Interesting thing is that the truck was full of Xbox One consoles and they were worth of $1 Million.

Luckily the truck had a tracking system on board which made it easy for the Police Officers who were waiting for the truck when it crossed the Second Street Bridge.

According to Clarkesville police, the person who stole has been identified as Magdiel Fleites Sanchez.

Officer John Miller recognized the truck after getting dispatch calls. “Once I was able to identify that it was the semi we were looking for, I turned around and tried to initiate a traffic stop,” he said.

Though truck did not stop there as Sanchez tried to escape which led to a police chase before hitting a dead end street where Sanchez left the truck and hit the ground.

He said:

“I’ve never been involved in a pursuit with a semi,” Officer Miller added.”I actually pursued him across the interstate, and we were able to apprehend the subject at a nearby All Start trucking/leasing place behind Walmart.”

After arresting the police contacted the Taz trucking who approved that the truck was missing.

When the team looked inside the truck they witnessed a heaven for gamers as the semi was carrying Microsoft consoles that had a total value of $1 million.

With that amount of consoles, you can easily play all the games you want with your friends, family or even random. Thanks to the police and the tracker system which made it all end so soon.

What will you do if you see man stealing a game console? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: WDRB

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