Making Horizon Zero Dawn is so Hard it Makes Shadowfall Pale

Horizon Zero Dawn is the hardest game that Guerrilla Games has worked on; it makes Shadowfall pale in terms of hardships.

We are not surprised to hear it given the intricacy of features shown in Horizon Zero Dawn, but Guerrilla Games have also revealed that it is the toughest game they have ever worked on.

The Managing Director at Guerrilla Games, Hermen Hulst was recently interviewed where he talked about numerous aspects of game development especially in connection with Zero Dawn.

In his response to a question about the hardships of developing Horizon Zero Dawn he related it to Killzone Shadow Fall saying that although he thought it was the toughest they have been through, Zero Dawn makes Shadow Fall pale:

After we shipped Killzone: Shadow Fall, and we’d been through the hoopla of doing a launch title, I thought that was going to be the toughest thing we’d ever do. It pales in comparison to this. This is so much more challenging on the team in every single way.

But I find that doing something that is this refreshing, and that is supported so strongly by the development team, is probably even more important to the success of a title than how far you are out of your comfort zone.

The aspects that have made Horizon Zero Dawn that hard, in words of Hulst is the newness when it comes to the IP, genre, in-game features and so on. He says the development studio is stepping out if its comfort zone by “a mile and a half” with this one.

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