Making 5 God of War Games “Would Literally Kill Me,” Says Cory Barlog

In a recent interview director, Cory Barlog mentioned that he had 5 God of War games planned in his head. This led to speculation that developers are considering 5 more games in the series. However, that seemed a bit too much. Clarifying his statement, Barlog mentioned that reality is much different from the speculations made in the interview.

When requested by a fan not to make 5 games as it will hurt the overall quality of the series, Barlog said that making “5 games would literally kill me.”

It is believed that the current God of War game would lead to two more entries before the series is put on hiatus again. And while making 5 games is not something Barlog would actually go for, he says that making future games would be considerably faster compared to the 5-year development cycle of God of War PS4.

I think this one – a big portion of the five years was, we had to start from scratch. We had a core engine but we really redid a lot of stuff. The previous God of War games, when we went from God of War 1 to God of War 2, the core engine was there

Next game taking less time to develop is a good thing because Barlog has no plans for DLC and fans want more.

The new God of War is now available on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

How many God of War games do you think Sony Santa Monica should make before taking another break from the series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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