Magic 2015 Crashes, Tweaks, Errors, BlackScreen, Fixes

Magic 2015
When it comes to card games, Magic franchise has quite a respectable place in the relative genre. The first game came out back in 1993 and since then, we have received a series of iterations that has been liked and appreciated by the fans.

Now, Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 (or simply Magic 2015) has been released on PC along with other platforms.

Overall, the game is looking good, but it does have its fair share of problems. These issues like many other games can be annoying for the users eager to try out the game.

Worry not though, as we have shortlisted the common problems being faced by the game and their possible fixes for you. So feel free to browse through following listing to find the solutions for the concerned problems.

#1 Magic 2015 Game Crashes to Desktop While Loading
There are many users out there who are facing this issue. If you are a victim too, you need to download this config file and replace it with the default one.

You can find your own config file by default in (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Magic 2015).

#2 Magic 2015 – Game Not Working With Windows XP
It’s a sad but noteworthy fact that Windows XP is too old now to be supported by any developer. So yes, if you are using XP, you are out of luck as Magic 2015 does not have support for Windows XP. Time to upgrade.

#3 Magic 2015 Pre-Order Cards Are Not Unlocking
In order to unlock any per-order bonus cards, you will have to beat Avacyn, the first boss in the singleplayer. You might not like, but this is how the developer has chosen it to be.

#4 Magic 2015 Crashes to Desktop on Startup
The startup crash can also be fixed by altering the config file as mentioned in #1.

You can also make use of your Magic 2014 config file. If that doesn’t work, you also have the option to run the game in offline mode as it has solved the problem for some. Furthermore, make sure that you download any updates made available via Steam.

#5 Magic 2015 No Cursor Showing Fix
Some users have reported that they are having trouble in seeing the mouse cursor in-game. In that situation, you must have enable mouse cursor trails in your windows settings.

Disable it, and you will be able to see the mouse cursor normally.

#6 Magic 2015 – How to Apply Different Tweaks
Magic 2015 does have a config file which you can use to apply different tweaks. Most of the parameters are self-explanatory but if you come across something that isn’t making sense for you, shoot your query in the comments below and I will try to explain.

You can find the config file by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Magic 2015\.

#7 Magic 2015 – How to Fix Black Screen Issue
If you are getting black screen on launch, you can try out the following workaround:

  • Open the config file present in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Magic 2015\. You can use the notepad to open it.
  • Now, you need to find (Ctrl + F) the following command lines and do the appropriate changes:

Change vsync to 0
Change fullscreen to 0
Change ShadowQual to 0

  • Save the changes made and launch the game. Make sure that you change the game’s refresh rate to 60.

#8 Magic 2015 – “Can’t Start, Already Running Error”
If closing down the application from task manager and restarting Steam/PC isn’t fixing the issue, you need to restart Steam and backup your game. Use the backup to re-install (or you could re-download it) the game, and you should be good.

#9 Magic 2015 – Fatal Error Fix
You can try out the black screen fix mentioned in #7. If that doesn’t work for you, just try launching the game in the windowed mode. If it works, you can change the windowed mode launch parameters back to normal again as the game will run fine now.

If you come across any other error, comment and we will try to help you out!

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