Mafia DE You Lucky Bastard Walkthrough

This guide will help you complete the Mafia DE You Lucky Bastard mission. Many players are taking to the mafia...

This guide will help you complete the Mafia DE You Lucky Bastard mission. Many players are taking to the mafia controlled streets of the 80’s, using iconic Tommy Guns and sending their rivals to “Sleep with the Fishes”.

However, all is not as it seems and one may get stuck bringing down the rival mafia gang which exactly what you are up to in the You Lucky Bastard chapter in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Mafia DE You Lucky Bastard

The mission starts with the cut scene of Sam and Vincenzo following Sergio in an attempt to kill him, but the attempt is a failure and he gets away.

The gang decides to plant a bomb under his car that will blow up when he turns the keys in ignition. You are tasked to go and set up the bomb.

Drive to Sergio’s house and wait at the marker until the objective changes. Make sure to not cause any disturbance here.

To plant the bomb, you need to get to the car. You can easily do so by getting into the alleyway next to the garage and jumping across the fence.

Move while squatting to stay undetected. Plant the bomb then go across the street again where the car is parked and get in the phone booth.

You see Sergio’s luck playout and his wife gets in the car and blows it up. Sergio survives again.

At this point in the cutscene, Vincenzo informs Tom that Sergio was spotted in Giorgi’s Diner and that Sam and Paulie are waiting for you there.

Get into your car, or any vehicle and head on to the diner. Here, you are handed a Tommy Gun and you burst in to kill Sergio.

As Sam pulls the trigger, the gun jams and Sergio gets away. Kill his henchmen and follow him outside.

A cutscene plays and Sergio gets away in his car. Tom gets a bike and chases him down. This begins the next part of the mission, the chase sequence.

Make sure to not crash as any accident will knock you off and you will lose Sergio.

Stay after him. don’t waste your time or bullets trying to shoot him as it’s no good.

You will face some environmental obstacles such as a truck on the bridge, which you avoid by driving a slalom, or roadworks and a protest that can be avoided by driving between the people standing on the street.

Sergio will crash once he reaches the Harbor. This the final push. Kill through the enemies and get to Sergio.

Make sure you use cover and swap your gun for a better one from one of the killed gangsters.

As you move forward, make sure to kill all of them and not rush into the gunfight.

Keep on pushing through until you get to the cranes and higher buildings.

This is where you will face snipers. Kill them with a rifle if you managed to get one, or move closer to them getting from cover to cover and kill them.

As you move forward, look through every building to get hold of supplies.

Once you have crossed all this, you will reach a courtyard. Here, kill all the enemies and get to the control tower. Make sure you be careful otherwise you’ll be flanked.

Again, get through the snipers and get to the control tower. Here, interact with the board to drop one of the wagons on to the harbor’s entrance.

Get inside and kill all the gangsters. Follow up to Sergio in the room at the end. Cutscenes queues and Sergio is killed. His luck finally ran out.

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