Mafia DE The Saint and The Sinner Walkthrough

In this Mafia DE Saint and the Sinner Walkthrough guide, we’ll guide you on how to complete all the objectives...

In this Mafia DE Saint and the Sinner Walkthrough guide, we’ll guide you on how to complete all the objectives of the mission in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Mafia DE The Saint and The Sinner

Saint and Sinner is one of the more iconic missions faithfully recreated in Mafia DE.

Not only has the overall look of the classic 2002 Mafia changed in this rendition, but the whole feel and smoothness have improved enough to give credence to the Definitive Edition moniker to this Mafia remake.

Collect the Bomb from Vincenzo
Exit the building and head to the shop on the left. The marker will guide you up the stairs.

The bomb is located on the table in front of the door.

Meet Sam at the Car
The car is right outside the shop, by the stairs. Sit inside and take the wheel.

Drive to St Michael’s Church
The route will appear on the map as soon as you hit the road after having a short conversation with Sam.

Follow the route instead of following the marker blindly, unless you want to end up in the river.

Drive to the Corleone Hotel & Enter the Corleone Hotel
The hotel is right around the corner. Turn the car around and follow the route that shows up on the map.

Once you’ve reached your destination, exit the vehicle, and enter the hotel.

Find Michelle
You’ll meet a woman as soon as you enter the hotel lobby and another one on top of the first flight of stairs.

Talk to them, and follow the second one into a room.  Once in the room, she’ll tell you that Michelle is in room 208.

Find Michelle in Room 208
Before you enter room 208, make sure you’ve searched all other rooms thoroughly. You’ll find several collectibles and weapons.

Room 208 is on the second floor of the hotel. Make your way up the stairs, and you’ll find Hotel Calling Card on a trolley in front of you.

It will have more details regarding the whereabouts of Michelle.

As soon as you ascend the stairs, head down the corridor on the left. There’ll be another corridor on the left.

You’ll find room 208 a little down that corridor on the right.

A cut scene would follow when you break into the room.

Find the Manager
Look for the manager’s note in the same room. It is located on a desk on the left when you enter the room.

Kill the Manager in the Lounge
Make your way down the stairs into the main hotel lobby.

The manager will be in the room on the right. You can kill a guard to create a panic.

The manager will be armed. If you search the hotel rooms properly, you’ll find a rifle for yourself as well.

A gunfight will follow between you, the manager, and his guards.

He’ll keep running for cover, and you’ll have limited ammo. Therefore, pick your shots carefully.

Reach the Manager’s Office
Exit through the door on the right, and you’ll find first aid on the wall on the right.

Manager’s office is on the top floor across the terrace. Stay on the lookout for armed adversaries around every corner.

Plant the Bomb & Take Money and Documents
Search the room, and pick up all the important documents that you can find lying on shelves and desks.

Finally, plant the bomb under the desk in the middle of the room.

Find a Way up to the Rooftops
Climb over the wall in front of you, and then make it up the flight of stairs on your right.

Once you’re on the top, there’ll be a ladder on the left. Use the ladder to climb onto the rooftop.

Start running towards the left, climbing over the walls if you come across any. If the wall is too tall to climb over, look for a ladder along the wall.

Escape Over the Rooftops
You’ll run into several policemen on the rooftops. Take cover behind the walls, take them out, and keep following the marker.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for collectibles on chairs and tables that you find on the rooftops.

Escape through the Church
Climb over the construction boards, and make your way down the stairs. If you’re running low on health, head upstairs at first to get first aid.

Kill Johnny
Take cover and kill as many adversaries as you can while following Johnny. Some of them will have advanced weapons, kill them, and pick their weapons.

The marker will help you trace Johnny. Shoot him as soon as he is in your sight.

Escape to Salieri’s with Sam
Exit the church. You’ll find a first aid box on the right wall, just before you exit the church.

There’ll be a hearse parked outside. Use it to escape from the cops. Wait for Sam before you start driving.

This is where your driving skills come in handy. Don’t run into any obstacles and try to gain maximum speed. You’ll lose the cops in no time.

Meanwhile, keep following the marker. Once you’ve lost the cops, a route will appear on the map.

Once the mission is over, you’ll be rewarded with the “Murder in the House of God” trophy.

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