Mafia DE Terror Tales Magazine Locations Guide

Mafia DE (definitive edition) has many different collectibles hidden around various locations in its' vast open world and amongst them...

Mafia DE (definitive edition) has many different collectibles hidden around various locations in its’ vast open world and amongst them are  Terror Tale Magazines. This Mafia DE guide will list the locations of each Terror Tale issue in the order in which you’re likely to find them.

Mafia DE Terror Tales Magazine Locations

There are a total of 20 Terror Tale Magazines scattered in the world of Mafia: Definitive Edition. You can find 5 of these in the Story missions and the other 15 in Free Roam.

Below are the locations of every Terror Tales Magazine found in the game:

Chapter 9: A Trip to the Country (#20)
When inside the barn, defending Sam from a bunch of enemies, jump to the ground floor and look back.

You’ll find a Terror Tales magazine on the crate. Do this before killing all enemies because as you kill them, a cutscene will begin to play and you won’t be able to pick it up again.

Chapter 10: Omerta (#18)
When you enter the bar to talk with Tony, go to the bar counter and you will find the magazine on it.

Chapter 12: Great Deal (#16)
When you enter the room where your main objective is to Turn on the sprinklers, look on your right and you’ll find the magazine placed on the table.

Chapter 17: Election Campaign (#19)
While on your way to escape the prison, look for the first office on your left. Enter the office and pick up the magazine placed on the table behind bars.

Chapter 20: The Death of Art (#17)
Outside the room where you have to kill Sam, look for the magazine at the table.

Beech Hill (#9)
At the entrance of the large mansion entrance on the east side of Beech Hill, there is a magazine on the right.

Oakwood Church (#7)
Just at the entrance of the Oakwood Church.

Oakwood (#15)
In the alleys beside the dumpster on the top-left of Oakwood, you will find the magazine.

Holbrook (#11)
In the middle area of Holbrook, look for a small wooden hut. There is a magazine inside the hut.

Holbrook Park (#6)
At the southern edge of the park on the worn out chair.

Central Island (#3)
On the top-right part of the Central Island, under the Giuliani Bridge is a small boat bridge. At the end of the boat bridge, you will find the magazine beside a chair and a fishing rod.

Works Quarter (#4)
Right at the bottom of the Works Quarter beside the water, climb over the fences and pick up the magazine placed on the woods.

Works Quarter – Central Rail Station (#13)
On the left of the Central Rail Station in Works Quarter, there is a magazine beside the chair and wooden table.

Works Quarter – West River (#1)
There are two docks near the West River. The magazine can be found at the bottom dock.

Chinatown (#8)
In the alley, right under the letters “O” and “W” of “Chinatown”, you will find the magazine beside some junk.

Jayhawk Bluff (#5)
On the top side of Jayhawk Bluff are three small huts and the magazine is outside of the furthest left hut.

South of Lake Fyer Dam (#2)
On the lower side of the Lake Fyer dam, there is a dock with the magazine beside a chair.

Top of Lake Fyer Dam (#14)
You can find the magazine on the left side and top of the dam. It is placed on the floor in front of the two chairs.

Berry Wood Creek Lake (#12)
The right side of the Countryside is where you will find the Berry Wood Creek lake. The pulp magazine is on the dock of the lake.

Countryside (#10)
At the furthest right part of Countryside, there is a church on the road to Clark’s Motel. The magazine is on the well behind the church.

These are all of the locations from where you can find the Terror Tales Pulp Magazine.

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