Mafia DE Post Cards Locations Guide

This is a brief guide on Mafia DE Post Card Locations. In this guide, we will be explaining how you...

This is a brief guide on Mafia DE Post Card Locations. In this guide, we will be explaining how you can collect all the Postcards in Mafia DE and collect some powerful hidden Sports Cars located around the map in the all-new Mafia Definitive Edition.

Mafia DE Post Cards Locations

The long-awaited Mafia Definitive Edition has finally released, and fans of the 18-year-old classic are in for a treat as they can explore the City of Lost Heaven and experience this rich story once again that has completely been revamped with Hangar 13’s Proprietary Game Engine.

Players looking to unlock all the achievements will come across one that’s called ‘The Whole Story’.

And to get this achievement, collecting all the postcards hidden in the map is one of the steps you need to complete.

There is a total of 5 Post Cards hidden in the City of Lost Haven.

Collecting the Post Cards

First of all, you need to enter the City of Lost Haven in the “Free Roam” mode.

Then, head to Bertone’s Auto Service as all 5 of the postcards are in the same place.

Go inside the garage and you’ll see all 5 pictures (postcards) hanging on the board, collect all of them and that’s all.

Collecting these postcards will also unlock 5 hidden cars in the city that you can collect to unlock the Car Thief Number One achievement.

Collecting the Hidden Cars

You need to enter the City of Lost Haven in “Free Roam” mode and make sure that you have collected All 5 postcards before collecting the Hidden Cars otherwise you won’t be able to.

Car #1 (Trautenberg Sport)
In the Lower (Western) part of Downtown, go to the area that says “Waterfront”.

Make sure to bring a gun with you since you’ll need to destroy a few crates to reach the car’s location.

You will see a wooden door that can be kicked down.

There are a bunch of crates behind this wooden door that can easily be destroyed with a gun, allowing you to reach the hidden car at the end of the garage.

Car #2 (Flame Spear)
In Central Island, towards the South-East, the second car is hidden inside a garage that can be easily accessed from the street.

Simply open the garage to unlock the car.

Note: Flame Spear is the fastest car in the game with a top speed of 280km/h

Car #3 (Manta Prototype)
Go to the Eastern wall of “Central Rail Station” in the middle of the Work Quarter District.

There, you will see a bunch of crates next to the wall. Climb these crates to jump over to the other side of the wall.

Once you are on the other side, work your way across the maze of crates (don’t worry about getting lost as there is only one path to follow) and in the end, you will see a garage that houses the hidden car.

Car #4 (Disorder)
In the Countryside, towards the North-East corner, the 4th hidden car is inside a garage that is easily accessible from the street.

hidden car

Simply open the garage and unlock the car.

Car #5 (Lassiter V16 Appolyon)
To unlock the 5th & last hidden car, head to Beech Hill and look for a garage that’s accessible from the Easternmost street.

hidden car

Watch out from the owner of the 5th car as he will try to fight you once you open the garage. Beat him up and drive away in his car.

Congratulations, now you have unlocked all the hidden cars in Mafia 1 and should have also unlocked the ‘Car Thief Number One’ achievement.

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