Mafia DE Phone Booth Locations guide

In the Free Ride mode of the Mafia DE, you have the option to do some secret phone booth missions, which serve as the only side quests in the game. These Mafia DE phone booths are scattered all around the map, so figuring out their locations can be frustrating if you don’t know where to look.

To help you out with finding all the phone booths in the Mafia DE, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll show you the location of each of the 12 phone booths.

Mafia DE Phone Booth Locations

Before you can attempt to find the phone booths, you must first find some notes located in Salieri’s Bar. This bar can be found in Little Italy, conveniently located where you spawn when playing Free Ride.

If you don’t know already, players can only play Free Ride after completing the first story chapter of the game. Also, you have to play through at least 4 chapters to find the note that triggers the phone booth side quests.

After you’ve done all that, hop into it and go inside Salieri’s Bar. The first note you have to find will be to your right in the room with the pool table. Once you’ve read the note, you’ll be able to find the very first phone booth.

Phone Booth #1 Location

From Little Italy, head towards the west on the road that turns to the south. You’ll see the phone booth once you’re midway between Little Italy and Works Quarter.

When you find the phone booth, interact with it, and complete the side quest to unlock the rest of them.

Once you’ve completed the side quest, make your way back to Salieri’s Bar. There will be ten more notes waiting for you here now.

  • The first note will be right by the stairs as you enter.
  • The second and third note will be in the conference room (next to the pool room).
  • The fourth and fifth notes will be in the dining room.
  • The sixth note will be upstairs on the table to your right.
  • The seventh, eighth, and ninth notes will be in the room right by the aforementioned table.
  • The tenth note will be in the room opposite to the above one.

Phone Booth #2 Location

The second phone booth can be found in China Town, right outside the ‘Chinese Restaurant.’ It’s above the ‘C’ of China Town. Its coordinates lie between F-13 and G-14.

Phone Booth #3 Location

The third phone booth is in North Park, outside the Liquor Store. It’s right above the ‘N’ of North Park. Its coordinates are M-14.

Phone Booth #4 Location

The fourth phone booth is on Central Island. It’s right on the ‘N’ of Central. Its coordinates are J-17.

Phone Booth #5 Location

From the ‘W’ in Downtown, travel towards the south until you’re at the last set of buildings before the Saint Paul Coast. Its coordinates lie between N-18 and N-19.

Phone Booth #6 Location

The sixth phone booth is outside of Wanchouse. Its coordinates lie between Q-13 and Q-14.

Phone Booth #7 Location

The seventh phone booth is between Downtown and Oakwood. Its coordinates lie between O-16 and O-17.

Phone Booth #8 Location

The eighth phone booth is outside the buildings that are to the south-east of Oakwood, before Saint Paul Coast. Its coordinates lie between Q-18 and Q-19.

Phone Booth #9 Location

From the ‘T’ in Works Quarter, head towards the south until you’re at the last set of buildings before the coast. Its coordinates lie between F-19 and G-19.

Phone Booth #10 Location

The tenth phone booth is towards the south-east of the ‘R’ in Lake Fyer. Its coordinates lie between J-5 and J-6.

Phone Booth #11 Location

The eleventh phone booth is a special one as you can only find it during the night time. To skip to the night time, head to the conference room in Salieri’s Bar and interact with the framed picture opposite the door.

The phone booth is to the west of Works Quarter, right at the bend in the road. Its coordinates are D-17.

Phone Booth #12 Location

To do the last phone booth quest, you have to find one final note in the upstairs area of Salieri’s Bar.

From the ‘A’ in Little Italy, travel towards the south until you’re in line with the letter ‘R’ in ‘West River’ to find the last phone booth. Its coordinates lie between G-16 and H-16.