Mafia DE A Trip To The Country Walkthrough

In this Mafia DE A Trip To The Country Walkthrough, we have given detailed information on the chapter, A Trip...

In this Mafia DE A Trip To The Country Walkthrough, we have given detailed information on the chapter, A Trip to the Country in the Definitive Edition.

A Trip to the Country is an action-packed chapter in Mafia Definitive Edition. In this Chapter, Frank gives you a task to Find Sam at the farm.

Finding him is not easy since you must cross many obstacles to reach him and safely bring him back home.

Mafia DE A Trip To The Country

The chapter starts with your conversation with Luigi at Salieri’s Restaurant. After the conversation is over, you must meet Frank out Back.

Head out through the kitchen and meet him at the garage ahead.

Frank assigns you a task to accompany Paulie and bring the Canadian named Sam, back to home.

Head into the room in the garage to find a photo on the desk, collect it, interact with Ralphie and Drive the car to Salieri’s Warehouse where you’ll meet Paulie.

Once at the Warehouse, Paulie is going to take you to the farm where Sam is currently at.

But as you reach the farm, Sam is nowhere to be found. Now it’s your Objective to Find Sam and search for clues.

Cross the wooden bridge into the first cabin to find a Newspaper from February 2nd 1933 on the desk.

Exit the cabin and on the left side you’ll find a dead dog next to another cabin. Collect a Newspaper cutting from there and head out.

There’s a truck on the path just parked there with its headlights on. Investigate it and get attacked by few Ambushers. Kill them in a gun fight and look for more clues.

In the cabin left to the truck is a Canadian Telegram.

Find an Ambush Plan note from the cabin near the dead ambushers, interact with the dead Truck driver and Investigate the Ambush.

It’s found that the ambushers are cops so find Sam and get out of there as soon as possible. Keep following Paulie and he’ll lead you to another gun fight.

Take them out and grab the note left to the closed gate Paulie is standing at.

Head into the cabin on the right to find a note from the Border Petrol. A Canadian Passport is found in the cabin at the back alongside few dead bodies.

Now once all of these clues have been collected, head through the gate where Paulie took you.

A small scene is played where Sam is shot by the ambushers. Kill them all and Defend Sam from getting killed by more ambushers while Paulie is out getting the truck.

Once you’ve cleared the area, grab the health kit and check on Sam and get ready to fight the cops. When all of them are killed, Paulie finally brings the truck but, you got company!

A chase sequence takes place and you must Defend the Truck.

The chase sequence comes to an end when your truck is stuck on a cliff. The chase may have ended but the cops are still coming to get you.

Take them out and a small scene is triggered where the truck goes down the cliff and onto the road which triggers another chase sequence and now you must Destroy the Turret.

The best strategy is to keep shooting at it and ducking down to reload so you don’t deal any damage.

Once the turret is destroyed, your next Objective is to take out the windshield armor and in no time, you’re going to be at the Doctor’s house.

After the small cutscene, drive to Sarah’s apartment to end the A Trip To The Country chapter.

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