Mafia 3 Underbosses Guide – Best Districts to Assign, Asset and Associate Unlocks, Upgrades

Mafia 3 Underbosses Guide with best districts to assign them, asset, and associates unlocks and upgrades to help you with the choices for max profit.

Mafia 3 features three underbosses who can help you seize and maintain control of businesses, rackets, and Lincoln’s criminal empire. In addition to this, each Mafia 3 underboss brings his/her set of bonuses. As you progress through Mafia 3, you will recruit three gangsters as your lieutenants as well as their crewmembers during your journey through the game. These Mafia 3 underbosses include Cassandra, Thomas Burke, and Vito Scaletta.

Since managing an entire city on your own can be troublesome, you can always rely on these Mafia 3 lieutenants to help you out. However, do note that managing underbosses is a two-way street and you will have to complete side-missions for your lieutenants to keep them happy. Failure to do so will result in one or more of them turning against you.

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Mafia 3 Underbosses and District Assigning

In this Mafia 3 underbosses guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all three lieutenants in Mafia 3, their unique bonuses, a brief introduction for each of them, and the best districts to assign them. There are a couple of Trophies/Achievements associated with these underbosses as well.

These Trophies/Achievements are called ‘Just You and Me’ and ‘We’re in This Together’. We have also provided a brief overview of these Trophies/Achievements at the end of this guide.

Mafia 3 Cassandra Underboss
She is the leader of the Haitian Mob in New Bordeaux. She operates out of a voodoo shop located in Delray Hollow. Known as the Voodoo Queen, her crew includes the following:

  • Jennifer Moran
  • Jackie DuVernay
  • Clifton Jean-Baptiste

Jennifer Moran
Jennifer Moran can disrupt phone lines for a brief duration of time.

Jackie DuVernay
Jackie DuVernay operates a mobile weapons store that deals in weapons, supplies, modifications, and ammo.

Clifton Jean-Baptiste
Clifton Jean-Baptiste deals in weapon upgrades and modifications.

  • Mobile Arms Dealer – 0
  • Screaming Zemi – 30K
  • Gun Accuracy Upgrade – 60K
  • Shut Down all Phones for 2 Minutes – 100K
  • Increased Ammo Capacity – 140K
  • Screaming Zemi Smoke Bomb – 180K
  • Improved Stability of Weapon – 220K
  • Shut Down all Phones for 5 Minutes – 270K
  • Screaming Zemi Exploding Ability – 320K
  • Quick Reload Upgrade – 370K
  • Shut Down all Phones in the Area and Call for Backup – 420K

Mafia 3 Thomas Burke Underboss
He is the leader of the Irish Mob in New Bordeaux. He operates out of Burke’s Iron & Metal in Point Verdun. Burke’s crew in Mafia 3 includes the following:

  • Terry Daly
  • Fiona Davidson
  • Hank McGahee

Terry Daly
Terry Daly can be best described as an explosives expert. You can count on Daly to provide military-grade explosives to the Arms Dealer.

Fiona Davidson
Thanks to her connections at the New Bordeaux Police Department, you can always count on Fiona Davidson to bribe cops off your back.

Hank McGahee
An expert involving vehicular theft, you can ask Hank to deliver vehicles to you, no matter where you are in the city.

  • Call in a Car from your Collection – 0$
  • Cops will Ignore your Crimes for 30 Seconds – 30K
  • Mark Police Cars on Radar – 60K
  • Explosives Unlock at Arms Dealer – 100K
  • Cops will Ignore your Crimes for 2 Minutes – 140K
  • Steal Cars Undetected – 180K
  • All Cops Ignore your Crimes for 2 Minutes – 220K
  • Expand Explosive Inventory – 280K
  • All Cops Ignore your Crimes for 5 Minutes – 320K
  • Steal Occupied Cars without Commotion – 370K

Mafia 3 Vito Scaletta
As the leader of the Italian Gang, Vito runs the River Row district of New Bordeaux. You can rely on Vito to provide muscle, medical upgrades, and more. Vito’s crew in Mafia 3 includes the following:

  • Bobby Navarro
  • Gianni Bruno
  • Betty Johnson

Bobby Navarro
Bobby Navarro can provide you with Italian muscle for hire in the form of his lunatic brothers.

Gianni Bruno
Gianni Bruno can provide you with medical upgrades, etc.

Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson cannot only provide you with enemy locations but can also collect Kickback on your behalf.

  • Hire a Courier to Deposit Money – 0
  • Call in Armed Backup – 30K
  • Get an HP Bar – 60K
  • Adrenaline Storage Upgrade -100K
  • Reveal Enemy Locations and Collect Kickback – 140K
  • Get another HP Bar and Stamina Recovery – 180K
  • Call in Heavily-Armed Backup to your Location – 220K
  • Get another HP Bar – 270K
  • Stamina and HP Recovery – 320K
  • Call an Elite Four-Man Kill Squad to your Location – 370K
  • Max HP Upgrade – 420K

Assigning Districts to Mafia 3 Underbosses

As mentioned earlier, as you progress through the game and take over rackets, you will have to assign them to one of your lieutenants. Doing so will allow you to increase that underboss’s earnings and unlock new upgrades and favors.

After taking control of all available rackets in a district and eliminating the Marcano lieutenant overlooking them, you will be able to assign one of your lieutenant to look after everything. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you keep all your lieutenants happy to eliminate the chances of them turning against you.

To ensure this, try to distribute districts evenly. By doing so, you will not be able to enjoy the end-tier bonuses of an underboss but you will most definitely unlock ‘We’re in This Together’ Trophy/Achievement. Alternatively, you can simply boost one of your lieutenants while ignoring the other two until the end of the game to unlock ‘Just You and Me’ Trophy/Achievement.

From our experience so far, the following is the best way of assigning districts to your Mafia 3 underbosses:

  • Vito Scaletta = Frisco Fields, Downtown, and River Row
  • Cassandra = Southdowns, Barclay Mills, and Delray Hollow
  • Thomas Burke = French Ward, Tickfaw Harbor, and Pointe Verdun

The reason for this style of distribution is because Vito gets the more traditional ‘mob-ish’ places, Burke gets more shabby places, and Cassandra gets the rest.

This is all we have in our Mafia 3 Underbosses Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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