Mafia 3 Mob Bosses Guide – How to Defeat The Mobs

Mafia 3 Mob bosses guide with tips and tricks on how to defeat the mobs and take down different enemies and associates in the rackets.

New Bordeaux in Mafia 3 is full corruption, sex rackets, racism and much more. The city is run by the Italian mob and sections are controlled by many under bosses.

Throughout the game, you will come across different mob bosses and rackets that need to be taken down in order for Clay to build his empire. Each racket comes with its own Targets of Opportunity made up of supply caches, money stashes, or mobsters driving around the city.

Mafia 3 Mob Bosses Guide

You need to destroy and cause damage to their property and once the racket’s value is $0, you can go ahead and assassinate the mob boss controlling the racket.

Taking over every racket in a district will give you total control of the area.

Clay alone can not take down everyone so he will need the help of his underbosses. There are three underbosses at your command – Cassandra, Vito, and Thomas Burke.

  • CASSANDRA: is the leader of the Haitian Group and offers different perks such as arms dealer etc.
  • VITO SCALETTA: was the lead character of Mafia 2 and was working with Sal Marcano before he betrayed Vito.
  • THOMAS BURKE: is the leader of the Irish mob and another victim of Marcano’s betrayal.

Each Underboss comes with a lieutenant and three associates.

Thomas Burke

  • Nicki Burke – Lieutenant
  • Bomb Expert Terry Daly – Associate
  • Car Thief Hank McGahee – Associate
  • Police Insider Fiona Davidson – Associate

Vito Scaletta

  • Alma Diaz – Lieutenant
  • Doctor Gianni Bruno – Associate
  • Scout Betty Johnson – Associate
  • Hired Thug/Bodyguard Bobby Navarro – Associate


  • Emmanuel Lazare – Lieutenant
  • Gunsmith Jean-Baptiste – Associate
  • Switchboard operator Jennifer Moran –  Associate
  • Arms Dealer – Jackie DuVernay – Associate

Racket Enemy Types

Rackets consists of different enemy types so you should keep each in mind before heading into any combat situation.

  • Heavy: This type of enemies carry a shotgun and don’t go down easily
  • Marksman: Long range Snipers
  • Gunner: Uses automatic weapons and can go down easily
  • Triggermen: They carry small arms and explosives
  • Sentry: These are the most annoying SOBs in Mafia 3 and don’t hesitate to call reinforcements. You need to stop them from calling reinforcements by killing them before they reach the nearest phone or disable the phones using your Operator Associate feature.

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