Mafia 3 Concept Arts Show a World Different from What We Expected

 A bunch of concept arts for mafia 3 show a rich and different side of the reimagined New Orleans - more grass, more nature.

Hangar 13 has done a lot of hard work pushing out the environment of New Orleans from the 1960’s in Mafia 3, from what we have seen, the developers have really put their heart into making that city; but the city is not everything in the game.

Some new concept art images have been shared by the official Twitter profile of the game where they are showing off less of the city lights, shops and streets, and more of the nature in and around the location where the game is set.

As you can see in the gallery we have embedded below, Mafia 3 is going to be pretty rich in terms of variety. You see those reimagined roads and buildings of New Orleans at one hand, and on the other you have these locations with a lot of trees, a lot of greenery sprawling all over the place making it look almost uninhabitated.

In the rest of the concept art images, you see other, different aspects of the game that have not been touched before, like old modelled cars, the insides of what looks like a luxury apartment annd finally, another one of those streets from the city’s night that we have come to love.

While these are pretty nice, if photos are not your thing, here are two separate gameplay videos one focusing on the open world and vehicular combat while the other has a good long 12 minutes of almost everything.

Based on what we have been told so far, Mafia 3 is going to be released later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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