Mafia 3 Gameplay Video, Details on Vehicular Combat, Open World and More

Mafia 3 has done everything that would impress us until now, and Hangar 13 are not stopping just there.

In the video above, you can see Andy Wilson, the executive producer for the game discussing various aspects alongside some gameplay footage.

He starts off with the protagonist Lincoln and his background before going on to explain how he finds a family in the mafia as well as a “paternal figure” there.

There also are some aspects of the game he discusses that we already know of, like the reason behind choosing New Orleans and the time period of the 1960’s. However, he emphasizes that the music is going to be awesome and include some classics that they will bring back to life.

Wilson goes on to talk about Vito Scaletta, the Mafia 2 protagonist who now plays a Lieutenant with Lincoln and how the alliances between our protagonist and his three Lieutenants are going to be very uneasy.

The cars – inspired by the muscle car era – as well as the driving features of Mafia 3 are “extremely sophisticated” and also bring vehicular combat to the table.

As far as the open world is concerned, the whole city will be explorable including the waters (with boats) and the emphasis is going to be on the density of activities instead of just the size of the entire map.

There are other things he touches on, but you would probably want to check out the gameplay too and tell us if you think some parts of Mafia 3 also reminded you of GTA or not.

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