Mafia 2 Rain, Snow, Night Mode Tweak Guide

Some of you may want some particular weather or day time in Mafia 2 last  permanently in the game. Like night with rain looks pleasant while snowy environment gives a unique different look. You can have these environments in your game by just small tweaking. Following guide will help you activating certain weather conditions using different methods.

Method 1

  • Navigate to \Steam\steamapps\common\mafia ii\pc\sds\skies.

  • Rename the file named “freeride.sds” to something like freeride.sds_ or anything you like.
  • Now make a copy of “08_01_cigara.sds” in the same folder.
  • Rename the above file to freeride.sds.

Method 2
You can also do it using LUA console.
Follow these steps to use this console once you have downloaded it:

  • First launch Configurable_Injector.exe as admin and leave it open.
  • Now launch m2con.exe as admin and leave it as such.
  • Launch the game using Mafia2.exe.

Note.Your executable file shouldn’t be modified for it to work.

  • Now load the game, pick up the phone and go outside.
  • Minimize your game by pressing “Alt+Tab” and bring up the m2con console.
  • In that console type any of these to get the corresponding time of day/weather. These lines are case sensitive so care should be taken.
  • Press Alt+Tab to get back into the game.

Enjoy the game, the way you like it.

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