Mafia 2 Walkthrough

Mafia 2 may appear simple but too much slackness can cause some big problems.

Mafia 2 may appear simple but too much slackness can cause some big problems. So you should have some tips and tricks under your sleeve. Like you should know which gun would be effective in what condition and where you need to shoot and where not. Following chapter wise walkthrough guide will try provide you an edge over your enemies in the game.

Mafia 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Old Country
Since its the first chapter so it deals with the basic training and the past story mostly.You(controlling the character named Vito) will be taught to shoot the leader of the troops when you are asked to.Which will lead to a great chaos, be careful and shoot the enemy only.

Your cross-hair color (red) will help you identify the enemies. After clearing up all the mess, you will have to shoot a person who has hostage some civilian. So be careful that you shoot the enemy only. After some shooting from the balcony, you are to use a machine gun.

You will have to resist till a tank arrives. Shooting with machine guns is easy and you will most probably get pass it in the first attempt. Which will mark the end of the first chapter.

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home
After hanging up with Joe, you are to visit your mother. At your mother’s place, after the cut-scene, enter your apartment and get a sleep which will also save your game. When you wake up, go outside after talking to your mother, you will find Frankie in trouble with some people out there.

Here you will be taught the combat system of the game. After helping Frankie and knowing about the debt you will head straight to Joe for the economic help. Long cut-scene again after you enter Joe’s apartment. You will also find your first playboy magazine at this point. You can see our playboy magazine location guide to explore all 50 of them.


Next you are to visit a person along Joe. Use your GPS and HUD to reach your destination. If you have played games like Grand Theft Auto, this drive won’t be any difficult for you. After reaching the destination, enter the building, which will start the meeting with Giuseppe.

After the cut-scene is over, you will get pin lock training from Giuseppe and after that training which won’t be much difficult for most of the players, you will have to steal a car parked just outside the building. Once you are in the car, you need to evade cops. Evading cops will be easy as your wanted level won’t be high.

Make more and more turns to get away. Once cops are off your back, you need to visit Joe’s another friend named Mike. After the cut-scene including you, Mike and Joe, you will steal cars for him as per the agreement in the meeting. Meanwhile you will also be handed over a gun from Joe. Each handed car over to Mike will earn you money. After the meeting is over, use the car and reach your next destination.

You should be careful while driving as the roads will be icy and snowy. After Joe leaves you, you engage in some other fights. First a combat then a shooting encounter. You Should remain in cover while shooting the enemies. After killing them, enter the car and 3 more will pop up. Stop the car and kill them using your car’s cover.

After you leave the gate, you will find a car in pursuit of you. After evading that car, reach Mike’s junkyard to park the car. After collecting your payment, return to Joe’s apartment. Chapter will end once you have restored health in the apartment.

Chapter 3: Enemy of the State
After waking up, attend your mother’s call who will ask you to visit your father’s old friend named Pappalardo. Again, drive safe as rush driving may draw police’s attention. Pappalardo will offer you a job of picking boxes first which obviously won’t be up to your standards.

He then will come to know about your connections with Joe. After knowing that you are a friend of Joe, he will offer you another job. Which will require you to procure some money from people in the warehouses. You will have to beat some to make them pay. As you proceed, you will notice that the fighting level of enemies will go on improving.

After completing the job and collecting your payment, you will be told to visit Joe.When you meet Joe, you will meet one of his friends Henry who has a task for you. The task is to steal some stamps from a government building. You will pay a visit to women named Maria who is a friend of Henry. You will drop Maria to hospital before you get to you actual task. She will tell you some useful things along the way to the hospital.

After that you will infiltrate the federal building. This mission is the test of your stealth skills and patience. You can’t afford to sound any alarms. So no gunfire and keep quiet by crouching your way to the office containing the stamps. You may have to execute some guards silently along your way.

Don’t forget to hide their bodies in the dark. Once you have taken the stamps, it may trigger the security alarm and you will have to make your way back as quickly as possible as cops will be after you. Reach the destination and deliver the package to Henry. Henry then will ask you to deliver these stamps to gas stations of the city as they are to expired next day.

So you will have next job at your hand. You will have to deliver to atleast 6 stations of total 8 mapped on your HUD. Each station will earn you money. After completing the job, you will have to go to the Joe’s apartment and the chapter will end.

Chapter 4: Murphy’s Law
After you wake up, you will find a note saying that you need to meet Joe and Henry at the restaurant for the new job. Your new job will be rob a store with Joe. After the cut-scene is over you will need to drive to the destination. Stay behind Joe till he manages to break through the door. Don’t fire till you climb up the stairs.

You will have to shoot from the top and after killing cops at the rooftop, you are all set to go back. While you are in encounter, try to cover your ass as much as you can. Exposing yourself too much can cause trouble. Moreover, cops with shotguns should not be approached in short range as they can shoot you down with only one shot.

After the cut-scene is over, you will have to escape from the cops waiting for you outside the store.After coming out of the store, quickly get hold of a car by any mean.Get into the car and like before police will get to your back. This time with more intensity. You may need to change the number plates of the car during the chase.

You can also call the cops from a phone booth to negotiate with the cops but that obviously be much expensive.You can also avoid cop chase by sneaking to the car. Which will require your stealth skills once again.  Return to Joe’s apartment, replenish your health and go back to sleep.

Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw
When you wake up, you will meet one of Joe’s female friends. While you are on your way towards the restaurant, you will have resolve a small issue created by the girl you met earlier. You will solve it with easy fist fighting. Then you will be onto you actual destination. When you reach the restaurant, you will be asked to get a gun from a supplier named Harry, a middle aged man with one eye patched.

He will hand you a machine gun, supposedly used against Nazis.After you have picked up the gun, reach the marked destination, where a shooting encounter awaits you. You start with blowing off a car and then there is a complete shooting period. Again, cover is vital here. Don’t forget to pick enemy weapons.

After clearing two floors of the distillery, try to flank the enemies after leaving the elevator. At the fourth floor, you will clear last of the Irish resistance and then you and your company will shoot the person you were supposed to kill.

Your next move will be to escort the injured Henry to a doctor. Escorting him to the doctor won’t be much difficult. You will face little resistance on your way back. Once you are at the clinic, you will be paid sufficient money to pay off our father’s debts.

So you will head straight to your mother’s place and hand the money over to your sister. Come back to Joe’s apartment, restore your health and have a healthy sleep to end the chapter.

Chapter 6: Time Well Spent
You will go to jail in this chapter. As you leave Joe’s apartment, you will be captured by Police based on selling government tickets illegally. This chapter contains a lot of cut-scenes. You will pass some time in the prison and will learn new things while fighting with others prisoners.

Your contact in the prison named Leo will help you learn different things. So its just the fist fighting mostly. Your sister Frankie will visit you when you are in the jail and she will told you that she is going to be married and your mother is sick. Nothing more than the jail life in this chapter.

Chapter 7: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza
Its Vito’s return from the jail. After 6 years in the jail, you will head straight to Joe to meet your old friend. Joe will offer you a new apartment. Then you will drive to your new apartment. There is nothing risky in this chapter. Some cut-scenes, some shopping and a visit to a bar.

Nothing exciting. It should be noted that although you have got your own apartment, you can still use Joe’s garage for parking cars.

Chapter 8: The Wild One’s
This chapter begins with a tour in which you sell some cigarettes. Joe guides you all the way and you sell them to people at various locations. During the journey, Joe is also waned by a Police officer but nothing serious.

After some series of events, you will encounter a gang, actually Steve will ask to teach them a lesson. It begins with shooting but you will finally finish the task by throwing Molotov cocktail into the building.
After clearing up the mess there, you are told to reach the Foundry where you need to kill some other hooligans of the same gang.

Drive your way there and what else you can expect? A long firefight awaits. Same precautions should be taken like keeping yourself in cover and shoot while in cover. You may need to blow up some trucks to take enemies hiding behind solid covers. You will be reinforced by some of your colleagues.

After you have finished with all the gang members, you will head to Steve and collect your payment after you deliver a car to Derek.You will then pay this money to Eddie with Joe at the restaurant who will more than happy with you work and tells you that he will call you for any other work in the future. This wraps up the chapter.

Chapter 9: Balls & Beans
As Eddie promised earlier, you are are summoned by him and meet one of his friends named Carlo Falcone.The meeting ends with you having to pursue Luca. You will have hard time pursuing Luca. You need to keep in touch with him. You should be armed well before you follow him.

A timer will be displayed on your screen so that you may not get too far away from Luca. Once you reach the destination at the HUD, a man there will guide you to the entrance to the sewage system. Make to the top through the sewer system and after that cut-scene take cover.

Then sneak your way to the office where Luca is present. It won’t be easy as you will have to do this without ringing any serious alarms. They may know about your presence but as long as you are low, there won’t be any big problem. Once you reach the office, you will be prompted to a fist fight with a bruiser, which you will easily win due to experience in prison.

Then you need to pursue Luca again to one of his barricaded rooms. There will be some firefight before you reach him. You can use the cart to blow of his barricade. After taking care of Luca, head straight to Eddie to collect your reward.

Chapter 10: Room Service
This time you need to visit Joe as asked by Eddie. You will head straight to the assigned destination with Joe. Park the car and then you have to get the overalls so that you may not be recognized as some other people. Then take the elevator to conference hall.

Try avoiding any contact with people and ultimately you will reach the roof top. There will be gunfight with Celmente’s men. After the fight, you keep hold of a cleaner. After that there will be premature detonation of the bomb set by Joe. Just follow the instruction and you will find yourself ultimately chasing Clemente in a car.

You need to chase that car carefully. Here care is more important rather than the speed. Joe will take care of the gunner in the car and you finally will be able to overtake Clemente. After killing Clemente, you will head towards your apartment to take some rest.

This chapter is not over like before. You will wake up and find that Joe has killed someone at the cafe. You will have to dispose off the body carefully. If anything goes wrong, you will restart from the cafe. After taking care of the body, you will return home, which will end this chapter.

Chapter 11: A Friend of Ours
This Chapter features a series of events. First you will meet Henry outside your apartment. After that you will head straight to warn Leo. Here you will need to slip away from Luca’s command which is a tricky task to be honest. After that, you will drive to the station and then back to the home.

You need to take care of Eric, your sister’s husband who needs a lesson so that he may not annoy sister in the future. So you head straight to him and warn him in the kitchen. After you are done with Eric, you head back towards your apartment again.

At night you will be attacked by some people, you will have to escape this attack. Jump out of the window and melee the person beside the wall to get his gun. Try not to encounter any enemies which will lead to troubles like cops. Get a car and head straight to Joe. After you meet Joe, you will head to the Irishman’s place and kill all of them in the bar.
Then take the car to repair shop and after collecting money from Desmand’s body, come back to your apartment again, which will conclude this chapter.

Chapter 12: Sea Gift
After attending Henry’s call, you will meet Joe and Henry at the park. You will drive them to the assigned location and seems that you will have to pick up some goods from that location. This whole process should not cause you any troubles considering the fact that you have played the game so far.

When you are on your way back, an ambush awaits, nothing serious this time too. It will most probably be a simple drill of what you have learned in the previous chapters. Then you need to deliver the goods to the assigned location. But first you need to escape from the some enemies who start chasing you.

So you will take a black car and after getting out of the courtyard, you will evade the enemies which should not be that difficult for you and finally deliver the goods to the marked location.

Chapter 13: Exit The Dragon
You are going to need plenty of ammo and guns for this chapter. After answering to the phone call, regroup with Joe and after a series of usual events, you need to follow a car of a person named Wong. You can’t get too close to his car.

An icon on your screen will help you keep appropriate distance. Once you have found the location of Wong, next step is the assault to the Chinese. This shootout is not going to be easy in the start. The main reason is that you will have to shoot people above you. They will be in cover so shooting them will be difficult.

So negligence can jeopardize the mission. After dealing with them, take the elevator. Now your stealth will be tested again here as you don’t need any firefight with the enemies. You can execute them silently if you want to. Ultimately take the elevator which lead to Wong’s location.

After the cut-scene, you will leave the restaurant and have to face the cops outside. You will have to use a grenade to whip out one of their cars. Then hurriedly reach the nearest cloth shop and change your appearance. This will hide your wanted status and you can return to your apartment again.

Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven
Chapter begins with a simple job. You  need to execute a person with Joe. You will group up with him and drive your way to the destination. After killing that person,you need to evade the police. Be sure that you don’t damage the red car. Now you will head to Derek with Joe for some job. Here the table will be turned after the cut-scene.

Your new task now will be to kill Derek. Quickly get into cover as Derek’s people will be there to take care of you. You need to fight your way to Derek. This shootout is going to be tricky. You need to remain in cover for most of the time. Moreover Derek will throw cocktails at you, making things difficult for you.

Furthermore there are no checkpoint in between for your rescue. So it will be hell of a fight for you. Finally you will be able to approach Derek and execute him. After that, grab money from the room and leave that place. Now you need money to pay off the debts.

Robbing and selling etc may help the cause. After collecting the required amount, head to Joe’s apartment. You will find that Joe is not there. So you will now madly search for him to all the possible locations.

Chapter 15: Per Aspera Ad Astra
This is the final chapter of the game. You ultimately reach the observatory where some intensified shootout awaits you. Now at the beginning of the shootout, take out your machine gun and aim at the entrance of stairs to take down the enemies coming out from there. As you move towards the building, you will face small troops of enemies hindering your movement.

After entering the building, look for the enemy at the top. Quickly take him out. After some tiring shootout you will now enter the grand finale of the game. You will have to kill Carlo. You should not be over excited thinking it the last act of the game. Be patient and cover your ass for a while.

Once you are in better place. Kill all the other enemies and ultimately Carlo. Come out of the building with Joe and that would mark the end of Mafia 2.

If you have face any errors, crashes and random freezes while playing the game, you can refer to our Mafia 2 Troubleshooting Guide.

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