Madden NFL 22 Best Defensive Playbooks Guide

There are a ton of playbooks in Madden NFL 22, each outlining and prioritizing a certain playstyle. In this guide, we will be covering the best Defensive Playbooks from Madden NFL 22 that you will love to use on a defense-oriented team.

Madden NFL 22 Best Defensive Playbooks

One of the ways you can master Madden NFL 22 is by carefully choosing your playbooks. If you value defense then you’re in luck cause we will be covering some of the best defensive playbooks we would like you to try this year.

Below you will find the best Defensive playbooks in Madden NFL 22

46 Defense

If you like 4-6 formation then this is the playbook for you. You will have three types of formations with this like Bear, Bear Under, and Normal. It has 3-4 Bear and 4-4 Split as well.

After that, it also gives Nickel like 3-3-5, 3-3-5 Wide, and Normal. Also, the Big Nickel Over G. Nickel 3-3-5 has the ability to bring heat and a quite good run defense as well. You can go with Big Nickel Over G formation from the above-mentioned ones or even Dime normal.

Ravens Defense

It is a 3-4 type formation and you can go with this as well. It has three types of 3-4 formations which are Bear, Over, and Under. It also has a 4-4 formation called Split.

Besides that, it also gives you 5 types of Nickel which are 2-4-5, 2-4-5 Dbl a gap, 3-3-5 odd, 3-3-5 Wide, and Triple.

You can also go with 1-4-6, 2-3-6. 2-3-6 Will Dime. From the above formations, Nickel 3-3-5 Odd is worth trying this year.

Chiefs Defense

It has a 3-4 Under formation and 4-3 formations like Even 61, Normal, Over Plus, and Under. Besides this, it also has Nickel formations like 3-3-5 and Normal.

After that, it has Big Nickel Over G and Dime normal along with the Dollar 3-2-6 formation. However here a Big Nickel Over G along with the 3-3-5 Nickel formation is a bit Odd.

Dolphins Defense

It is a 3-4 type formation which you can use in Madden NFL 22 and it has three types Bear, Club, and Odd. After that, it has a 4-3 formation which is Even 6-1. The formation 3-4 is a popular one from the above-mentioned formations.

It has four Nickel formations which are 2-4-5, 2-4-5 Dbl a gap, 3-3-5 odd, and 3-3-5 Wide. Like the other one, it also has a Big Nickel Over G. It also gives the formations like 1-4-6 and 2-3-6 Sam Dime and Prevent 3 Deep.

The only missing thing here is 3-3-5 normal besides this it is a pretty solid formation.

Multiple D Defense

This one is also a pretty good Defense Playbook. It has 3-4 formations of two types Cub and Odd. After that, it has a 4-3 formation of three types which are Normal, Odd, and Under. It comes with a 5-2 normal form as well.

After that, it has a Normal Dime and 3-2-6 Dollar formation which is also pretty good. You can say it is one of the best Defense playbooks available in the game.

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