Madden NFL 21 Face of the Franchise Walkthrough

Madden NFL 21 Face of the Franchise is a story-driven mode with choices so we made a walkthrough for it to help you out with the tough calls

Madden NFL 21 Face of the Franchise is a story-driven mode in which players have to make a lot of decisions.

The current year’s story lets players construct their own whiz, Since, the current year’s story mode is much bigger than expected, we’ve made this guide to assist you with commencing your career.

Madden NFL 21 Face of the Franchise

In Face of the franchise, your primary objective is to get drafted by a team. This walkthrough will tell you everything you need to about the Madden 21 NFL Face of Franchise.

It starts with players making a custom character and it takes some time as well since there are a lot of customization options available.

When you are done with the customization you will get a message saying “Hey what’s the address again?”.

While there are no rewards to be considered in picking your school, So you should pick the one which you thing is right for you or like the name.

Then enter the city name and move forward. Now you have to choose a state and Mascot from the given options.

You will be given 12 options for choosing a mascot including the Armadillos, Bulls, Bulldogs, Eagles, Dragons, lights, Hounds, Rangers, Mustangs, Tigers, Spartans and Turtles.

Then after a little intro players will meet Kelly Porter and afterward, players will pick one of the two voices for their Madden NFL 21 character.

At that point, the player will have a conversation with Regie about the interview.

How to get Drafted in NFL 21

During a cut scene, you will be given a helmet and the tutorial will start. After that Tommy and Coach will welcome the team members.

Then the player will converse with Tommy about his frustration about the selection a cutscene will be played and you will meet Reggie. Then the scenes continue and Reggie will ask some question and players will answer.

You will be given choice to answer the questions. The main inquiry will be about which QB style the players can copy. And you have to choose from the four option already given.

I picked Tom Brady from the options. At that point, Reggie will get some information about the player’s character on the field. Now you again have to select an option from the given answers.

I picked “Win At All Cost” and the Bridges discloses to Reggie that he loathes losing.

In the following cut scene, Bridges will come to Tommy, who isn’t solid and will reveal to Bridges that he has a Congenital Heart Defect as he was brought into the world with it.

He gets some information about his Heart Condition. Here, players will have another decision to make.

Either uphold Tommy or persuade him to not play this match. I pick the supporting Tommy and Bridges discloses to Tommy that he’ll stay silent however disagrees with it.

Toward the beginning of the fourth quarter, the coach will substitute Tommy with Bridges as he was not playing well.

Here, again players have to choose an option from Hesitate and Accept the Challenge.

I picked “Accept The Challenge” and afterward the match begins and obviously, players have to play it.

After the match, Grant Simmons who is a recruiting analyst gives bridges his card and Tommy sees it and doesn’t feel good about it.

Then Reggie will talk with Bridges, two days before the State Championship. Reggie will ask about his greatest quality and player need to pick one answer from the given choices.

I picked “Avoiding The Pass Rush”.  You can pick whatever you like.

As Bridges responds to the inquiry, Tommy stomps out of the coach’s office and he calls Bridges to have a word in the workplace, and afterward, the game bounces to the Championship.

Play the match and when you are finished with it, the game bounces to Bridge’s senior year with mentor applauding his style and Tommy comes in.

Tommy tells that he is solid and prepared to get back in the game.

Here, players have another choice to pick from the two: Tell Tommy The Position is Filled and Offer Job Back To Tommy.

I picked “Tell Tommy The Position is Filled” and Bridges reveal this to Tommy.

Tommy plunks down and reveals to Bridges that making him a Receiver will make Bridges a superior QB. The coach will find it good and agrees with Tommy.

Bridges and Tommy have a conversation about making the things right and Tommy tells him about the Midwest Prep Showcase event that every recruiter must be watching. Tommy requests Bridges to let him do his thing as it’s his last opportunity to get any offers.

As the occasion is going to begin, Snoop Dogg strolls by Bridges and they have a little talk.

Here players have another decision to make whether they can Introduce Snoop or not.

I decided to introduce Tommy with Snoop and he reveals to Tommy that he is a huge fan and the match starts.

Signing Day

After the match is finished the game will jump three months ahead to the National signing day.

The main question that will be asked to the Bridges is what gives him the edge to the next level. He has to choose from the options given below.

If he selects Reading The Defense: It will unlock Pro Reads. If he selects Highlight Blitz Pressure: It will unlock Blitz Radar.

If he selects High-Risk Plays: It will unlock Gambler. If he selects Hard To Bring Down: It will unlock Freight Train.

Now Bridges will have to select a team he wants to play from. Like Clemson, Miami, Florida, Texas etc. You can choose any team like.

I picked Florida. Now Reggie will ask you why you select this team and Bridges will answer this question by himself.

Now Tommy will also select Florida as his team. Tommy tells Bridges that he wants to earn back his position as QB and they both hugged each other.

Then after a cutscene, the coach will tell both of them about a decision he made and players have to choose an option from Fire Back and Sulk.

I picked “Fire Back” and Bridges will contend with the coach that both Tommy and he have done all that he asked them to.

The coach told them he has made a defense-first team by making both of them QB’s.

The coach explains that he will rotate both of them to see who fits well in the spot. Bridges will play the first half and he will be replaced by Tommy if he doesn’t play well.

Now players will have to play a match and after the match, The Reggie will be asking questions to the Bridges, and then a flashback plays.

After the match, both players have a hated conversation and they have to choose from the two given reaction.

I picked “Lash Out” Bridges reveals to Tommy that he didn’t take anything from him, the entirety of this was a result of his heart condition. Bridges quickly apologize after saying this but Tommy leaves.

Reggie advises Bridges to go talk and eliminate any confusion with Tommy however he can’t.

At that point, the game hops to College Football Semi-Final. Dominate the game and the game bounces to the National Championship yet Bridges isn’t beginning the match in fact Tommy is starting the match.

Bridges was angry but one of the players try to make things right. Bridges have to return since Tommy’s heart condition was not right.

After winning the match Bridges go to the hospital and asked about Tommy’s condition. The doctor told him that he is steady.

Bridges take the trophy to Tommy and after a little discussion, Tommy requests Bridges to return one year from now and they will win the title together. Now again he has to pick an option.

I picked “Agree” and Bridges guarantees that he will return. The game hops ahead apiece, Bridges and Reggie are hanging tight for Tommy to welcome him back in the team.

At that point, the coach came and tells that the Tommy will be Starter for next season. Now players have to make a choice whether they want to Leave the draft or Switch Positions.

I picked the “Switch Positions” and Bridges will stay in the team.

From that point onward, Bridges needs to declare which position he is exchanging as well. Players have two choices.

I picked “WR” and the journalist will ask whose game Bridges will reflect. Players have four choices to select from. You can choose any option you like.

  • Route Runner (Deandre Hopkins)
  • Slot (Micheal Thomas)
  • Deep Threat (Tyreek Hill)
  • Physical (Julio Jones)

After this decision, another journalist will get some information about Bridges’ most noteworthy capacity and players can choose from the given options and each option will unlocks a separate thing.

Then after the press briefing, a cut-scene will be played and then players have to practice.

At that point, the game hops to Regular Season, Senior year. Play the match and from that point forward, the game will bounce to the National Championship.

Play the game and dominate it. From that point onward, Tommy and Bridges will talk in the Locker room.

NFL Scouting Combine

Now after a couple of cut-scenes, the game jumps to NFL Scouting Combine. The journalists will ask whether Bridges is announcing himself as a QB and players have to choose from the given options.

Another columnist will approach Bridges in the event and asked him for a specific team.

Now you have to choose from two choices. You can name to team to force it to take you or you can choose the option “Let the Fate decide”.

After the meeting, Bridges will go to the NFL Combine yet he has lost something and is searching for it.

Rick Eisen appears and Bridges requests him for his spikes. Rich will challenge Bridges to beat his time and Bridges will have to choose whether to accept the challenge or not.

Bridges will begin with a 40-yard run and it’s a speedy time event. Players will get one more opportunity at a 40-yard run. At that point, players need to catch a few passes.

Complete the join and the game bounces to the NFL Draft where Bridges will be drafted by one of the teams.

From that point onward, players simply need to play some NFL matches and answer a few inquiries.

X-Factor Abilities

You need to unlock X-factor abilities for becoming a great player. Different X-factors are available for you depending on your position.

For example Truzz is a skill which prevents you from fumbling during a tackle. We w definately recommends you going with a X-Factor ability.

Other abilities will also unlocked with progress just make sure to customize these abilities so you can create a best player for you.

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