Madden NFL 21 Drafting Tips

With our Madden NFL 21 you'll be ready to make the best possible franchise team in the latest edition of the Madden series

While playing Madden 21, your main aim is to build an impressive team with talent that can help you progress through the storylines. Therefore, Madden NFL 21 Drafting is considered the most important aspect of the game.

In this guide, we have given detailed information about the best Players in Madden NFL 21 who you can draft, along with tips on how to Draft your Franchise Team.

Madden NFL 21 Drafting

To Scout and Draft the best team you must enter the Franchise section of the menu, click on Classic Franchise and make your Selection.

Best Tips for the Fantasy Draft in Franchise

Before heading into the Tips, make sure to open the customize section and change the Starting Point to Fantasy Draft.

Now, for the Fantasy Draft you can pick older players for the sake of competition so you can have the best team for a single season, build your quarterback or you can pick younger players and develop them and grow them instead.

The best and the highly recommended tip is to mix up the players. Meaning, pick experienced players as well as younger talent so you can manage them properly.

As for a decent quarterback, pick players from the Top 15 since the best quarterback are found in that range.

Focus more on your Quarterbacks as compared to the other positions since the Quarterback is an extremely valuable position therefore you must focus on it more than any other position.

There’s an option on top of the player selection in the Sort category called the Development Tr.

This option finds one of the best players that are hidden from the player selection menu who have amazing stats and overall are good players.

You must remember to differentiate players while Scouting Superstar X-Factors.

For example, a player from the Middle linebacker with an overall 90 is really different from a Middle linebacker with an overall 70.

Both of these players have different abilities despite being in the same position.

The best way to Scout these superstars is by looking at their Talent on the bottom right corner of the player stats. 10-19 is mid first rounder and 20-32 is the late first-rounder.

In short, your pick must be an early first-rounder if you want a better team.

As you know. each player in the Madden games belongs to a particular category, such as the Quarterback, Cornerback, Receiver etc.

Below we have arranged the best player selection belonging to their respective categories.

Best Quarterbacks

DeShaun Watson

DeShaun Watson is ranked #36 in the true Value and is an awesome Quarterback with strengths in Break Sack and Throw Power. He has good overall core attributes with an amazing accuracy and awareness.

Best Corner Backs

Jeff Okudah

Okudah is a solid Rookie Corner Back in NFL 21 with strengths in Jumping and Speed along with Traits such as Balanced Play Ball Tendency making him a solid draft.

C.J Henderson

As compared to Okudah, Henderson is a better rookie Corner Back with strengths in Speed and Acceleration with the same Traits as Okudah; Balanced Play Ball Tendency.

Both have Superstar development however; Henderson wins the athletic section of the attributes.

Donte Jackson

Donte Jackson is a decent Corner Back with strengths in Jumping and Speed and Traits such as Aggressive Play ball tendency. He is super-fast in the CB category so he can be an amazing pick from this list.

Sean Murphy-BUNTING

Sean is another solid Corner Back with strengths in Jumping and Speed with Traits in Aggressive Playball tendency. He should be your last option if no one is available from this list.

Best Wide Receivers

Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin should be your number one pick if you are into players who are already developed. He is a Wide Receiver with strengths in Catching, Acceleration and best traits in Aggressive Catch.

Jerry Judy

Judy is a Wide Receiver with Strengths in Acceleration and Agility. So, if you’re looking for a player who can out run the opponents, this guy is your pick since his best traits are running after a catch.

Best Left Ends

Josh Allen

Chris Godwin as a Wide Receiver and Josh Allen on the Left End is by far the deadliest combination in this Franchise. Josh Allen is a Left End with strengths in Acceleration and Speed. He is super-fast, has amazing tackling ability and has Swim Move in his traits.

Best Right Ends

Brian Burns

Bruns is a super good player with outstanding speed. His strengths are in Acceleration and Speed and Traits in Swim Move. In Short, he is a must have Right End.

Best Middle Linebackers

Devin White

Devin White is the most recommended MLB in Madden 21 due to him having strengths in Speed and Acceleration which is an awesome combo for an MLB especially with traits such as Coverage LB Style.

Patrick Queen

A really quick Developing Linebacker, Queen has strengths in Acceleration and Speed with traits in Coverage LB Style. If you’re lucky enough, this linebacker will be available for you.

Best Right Outside Linebackers

Kenneth Murray Jr.

Kenneth is a really good ROLB with strengths in Acceleration and Speed and traits in Coverage LB Style. His tackling ability is quite impressive along with his amazing Hit Power.

Best Defensive Tackles

Ed Oliver

This man is a force to be reckoned with. He has strengths in Acceleration and Strength and traits like Swim Move. Oliver is a complete package.

Best Free Safety

Darnell Savage

The Best Safety in the game, Darnell Savage shows strengths in Speed and Acceleration with Traits in Aggressive Play Ball Tendency.

There are few more Safeties but Savage is younger than all of them therefore, he has better abilities as compared to the other.


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