Madden NFL 21 Create a Player Guide

Madden NFL 21 Create a Player marks the return of a fan-favorite feature, the ability to create your own player in the game.

Madden NFL 21 Create a Player marks the return of a fan-favorite feature, the ability to create your own player in the game.

Creating a player in Madden is exciting in itself but EA has added a variety of ways you can create and customize your player, so here we have a comprehensive guide for you on how to create a player in Madden 21.

Madden NFL 21 Create a Player

There are a couple of ways to get yourself an avatar of your liking in the Madden NFL 21’. We will explain all of them here.

So basically, you can create a player at the start of the game with the creation tool in The Yard.

The other option is to go through the career with a specific player as you would do in old editions of the game with the mode called Superstar mode.

Another way that is quite interesting and new is you can create a player in The Yard is the mobile version of Madden 21.

If you are logged in with EA account, you can import that player to your console. So, let’s dive deeper into the details.

From Creation Tool
The easiest and the most straightforward way is to bot the game and use the create player option to create a player and add it to your roster to use it in offline modes and quick play.

Simply go to the main menu and select the Creation Center option. Then you will see all the customization tabs where you can change every aspect of your player in detail.

First tab is info tab where you can change the basics of your player like name, number, height, weight, skin tone, etc.

Then comes the customize player option. In this option, you can get a deeper dive into the facial features of your player like Head Template, Skin Tone, Eye Shape, Jaw Shape and Hair Color.

Then you can go to further body customization where you will be able to change the height of your player as well as chest size, back size, thigh, biceps, and calves’ size.

Franchise Mode
The most useful and popular option here is to create a player through Madden 21’ Franchise Mode.

For this one, you need to start a new game in the Franchise mode and here you will default as a coach.

But you need to select the option of player and now you will have to choose the player you made.

You will be in the creation menu once again and will go through the same steps as mentioned before.

The face templates will be the same as well as all the customization options, as described above.

You will have the main menus of customization as Info, Appearance, Equipment, Rating, Attributes and Contract Info.

The Abilities will be locked for a new player and will be unlocked as you move up the level ladder.

One more thing is when you select the Create Player option, you will go direct to selecting the main attribute of the player before you get into customization.

So you will have options like Field General QB, Strong Arm QB, Scrambler QB or Improvisor QB, Powe back HB etc.

You will also be able to run with the created player as focus in Franchise mode, and also run for the face of franchise and create a backstory for your character like starting with the high school and stuff.

Madden NFL 21’ The Yard
Finally, a new and interesting way to create ad customize your Madden Player is through the Madden NFL 21’ mobile version.

Since you know mobile version released earlier this year and if you have created a player in the mobile version then by logging into your EA account in mobile and console version you can easily import all your player setting to your console as it is.

All the character customizations are same, just like in explained in previous two modes. You will be able to customize every bit of your player in the mobile version as well.

Now one extra things for mobile player is that, when you import your player from mobile to console by linking them, you will get 25 extra rewards from EA.

This is exclusive for the mobile players who linked their accounts.