Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide – How to be Best at Being a Player, Coach, and Owner

In this Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide, we will thoroughly explain every element of the Franchise mode of Madden NFL 18. Franchise mode returns in the Madden NFL 18 better than ever and promises the ultimate NFL experience the game has ever offered.

We have curated this Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide with tips regarding building the ultimate team and some tips and tricks for playing matches in Franchise mode.

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Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide

Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide details everything you need to know about Franchise mode in Madden NFL 18.

Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode

Drafting the Ultimate Team

Your first step for starting the Madden NFL Franchise mode is to build a team. While building the team, you must maintain a balance of offensive and defensive players. Out of these categories too, you must have a balance of sub-categories. Drafting a good and effective team requires you to pick the best players available and maintaining a balance between the roles, they perform.

Franchise mode offers you two options to draft a team. You can either select a real life NFL roster or select the custom roster, which means you can create your own dream team. We highly recommend that you choose the custom roster and choose all players yourself because selecting a real life roster eliminates one of the best elements of the Franchise mode that is drafting your own team.

Tips for Drafting Custom Rosters

If you have chosen to draft a custom team then this section is for you. This is one of the most fun elements of the game and if you are a fan of NFL franchise, you will definitely select this roster type to build your dream team. We have covered some important tips, which you should follow while drafting your team.

When you choosing your first player, you must choose an offensive player. Depending on your playstyle you can either choose Quarterback or you can also opt for running back. This all depends on your playstyle so pick anyone you would like to choose. When drafting the second player, you should go with another offensive player. This must be a center or a guard to help the quarterback selected for the first player. It will work okay with running as well. You must make your offensive line as strong as possible since they are at the front line of your team.

For your third player, you need a good defensive player. Choose any good defensive player that can either put some pressure on the opponent’s Quarterback or he can be really good at passing so he can compensate for his weaknesses if he is not a strong player. This gives your offensive line a good defensive position behind them. For the fourth player, you need another defensive player. Draft either a good cornerback or a middle linebacker. Both the defensive players behind the offense are now drafted.

Moving on to the fifth player, you must go back to offensive and pick a good offensive player. If you chose a quarterback before then go for a running back this time or choose a quarterback if you chose a running back before. Draft your fifth player. For the sixth player, go offensive and pick a tight end or a wide receiver for the position.

Your next draft is going to be a tight end or a wide receiver depending on your playstyle. After this draft, go defensive and select cornerback or linebacker to fill the gap between your defense.

After his, keep on drafting players by using alternates to the ones you have already chosen and follow the same pattern until you are done with drafting all the players in your team. The game will guide you about which positions you still need to draft players for with the ‘draft gradings’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Fill them with the best possible players. We recommend that your final team must have at least 4 wide receivers, 4 cornerbacks and at least 2 players at each linebacker position.

If you manage to do this, you will have a well-balanced team for every situation. As you open new packs, you will get better players so keep on changing the weak players with better players. This will help you draft the ultimate draft team.

Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode – General Tips and Guidelines

This section of the guide covers some tips and guidelines for the gameplay and the Franchise Mode in general:

Keep Adding Better Players
Your initial team that you draft at the start of the Franchise mode will not be very good. You will get better and better cards as you keep progressing in the game. Therefore, you must keep on adding better players in your team and trade old and weak players out. You can either go in your team and select a player to trade or go to a team of your choice and pick a good player you want to trade with.

Trade Center is your second home and you will be spending a lot of time here trading for players and looking at better rosters. You can trade any player you like as long as the other party is willing to trade with it. You can put your own players for trade as well and take them down anytime you would like.

Skipping a Match
In the Franchise mode, if you are not in the mood for playing a game, you can simply select ‘advance week’ in the main tab. This will advance the game automatically and all the games will be simulated. The outcomes of these simulated games will be based on the stats of both teams. If your team has better stats than the opponent’s team then you will win the game.

According to the game description, the outcomes are mostly random but team stats do matter and you will see it for yourself. You will win the matches against most of the teams who have a weak team as compared to yours. In the same way, you will lose matches against teams who are better than yours. We recommend you skip as little as possible and play all matches yourself to maximize the chances of you winning.

Choose your Playstyle
Franchise mode can be played in anyway you like. You can play it solo vs AI teams or go online and test out your mettle against human players. You can also join with friends for some online fun so you can choose whatever mode suits you best.

This is currently all we have in our Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide. We will continue to update the guide, as we get closer to the game’s official release date. Stay tuned!

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