Madden NFL 15 MUT Easy Coin Farming Guide – How To Make Coins Fast

In Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team, coins are the currency using which you cannot only bid on items on the auction block, but also get new players for your team. As a general rule of thumb, having a high coin count is very significant.

Do note that the game also offers an option to trade an item or player, so be careful when spending extravagantly. Since coins are hard to come by, here are some ways through which you can earn some extra coins to keep your affairs smooth.

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MUT Easy Coin Farming Tips

Solo Challenges Pay Big
MUT gives you rewards for playing games and you need to seek this opportunity to earn some extra coins. When starting out, don’t forget to give the solo challenges a go! These simple challenges are against CPU controlled opponents and are pretty easy to win.

Completing Collections Often Yields Coins
In MUT, one of the best ways to earn some decent rewards is by completing collections/sets. Although the rewards within these sets differ depending upon the size and difficulty, but you’ll most certainly receive extra coins most of the times.

Weekly Supply & Demand
Another best way to earn additional coins is by checking the market on the weekends. By doing so, you’ll find some great deals on players which you could use for your own team or sell them when their demand elevates.

Always keep in mind that the prices go down over the course of time so it’s generally not wise to keep an item for long. However, you shouldn’t be rash in selling them. Always make sure to double check the prices on regular basis so that you don’t regret selling an item for a lower cost.

Opening Packs Delivers Rewards
You’ll often take out the players you most-want out of a pack which can lead to a tough decision-making. Although it solely depends on player whether one wants to keep them in their roster or sell them for extra coins, this is just another way to make some extra coins.

Sell your Badges
In Madden Ultimate Team, there are a total of four kinds of badges – Elite, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You can complete solo challenges, head-to-head seasons, and completing collections/sets to earn these badges.

Furthermore, these badges can be earned in packs by completing head-to-head seasons.

These earned badges can be traded, bought, and sold on the Auction House to earn some extra bit of coins. I’ve come to know that a Bronze Badge can be sold for like 5,000 coins which are huge. However, do note that these badges also give you premium rewards so always think twice before selling them.

Getting MUT Master
Those of you who don’t know, MUT Master is a collection/set which comprise of various things that you need to complete to earn it.

By an estimated time, it can take week or even months to complete it since it requires you to complete every single solo challenge with every NFL team, a bunch of style challenges, and a couple of head-to-head seasons.

I do know that’s a lot of grinding, but once you complete all MUT Master challenges, it’ll not only give you exclusive MUT Master collectibles, but you’ll also receive one million coins which is outright insanity!

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