Best Offensive Lineman in Madden 23

This Madden 23 guide will help you pick the best Offensive Linemen for your team.

The running back and quarterback must be protected in Madden NFL 23. Offensively, the best players make way more than the guys they protect. Hardcore analysts and statisticians know they’re important, even if casual fans don’t. This Madden 23 guide will help you pick the best Offensive Linemen for your team.

Madden 23 Best Offensive Lineman

The choice of an elite quarterback or playmaker is usually the first step in assembling a good Madden NFL 23 team. It’s no use if those playmakers are hit as soon as they receive the ball, is it?

There are several offensive linemen on the field that are capable of shutting down anyone or anything they face.

Below is a list of the best Offensive Linemen in Madden NFL 23 which will help you build a better team.

Name Team OVR SPD
Trent Williams San Francisco 49ers 99 76
Zack Martin Dallas Cowboys 98 68
Quenton Nelson Indianapolis Colts 95 64
Tyron Smith Dallas Cowboys 95 71
David Bakhtiari Green Bay Packers 94 67
Terron Armstead Miami Dolphins 93 78
Lane Johnson Philadelphia Eagles 92 78
Corey Linsley Los Angeles Chargers 91 68
Tristan Wirfs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 91 77
Jason Kelce Philadelphia Eagles 90 75

Trent Williams is arguably the best OL in Madden 23. With his overall rating being 99, it clearly shows that he can be your best player as he has incredible speed, strength and agility as well.

Zack Martin is basically Trent Williams but with lesser speed.  With an overall rating of 98 and a decent speed, he can help you protect your quarterbacks as well.

Quenton Nelson’s overall rating is 95. His best attribute is his awareness and strength which are rated at 97.

Tyron Smith is one of the most complete OL in Madden NFL 23. His overall rating is 95 and with his incredible pace, he can track back as well which will help you defend better.

David Bakhtiari’s overall rating is 94. With his overall rating in Madden 23 being 94, on top of that his experience as well as his strength will help you in providing a shield for your defense line.

Terron Armstead’s overall rating is 93.  He’s one of the quickest offensive Linemen in Madden 23. With his STR being 89, it clearly shows that he is very strong and with his pace, he can add a lot of value to your team.

Lane Johnson isn’t as strong as other offensive linemen but he is very agile. With his overall rating being 92 and his SPD being 78, he can be a very handy pick for you.

Corey Linsley has an overall rating of 91. He might be a little slow as compared to the other offensive linemen we mentioned but his strength is his strong point, as his STR is 92 which clearly shows that he has impeccable strength and can help you a lot moving forward.

Tristan Wirfs is one of the most balanced players in terms of stats. If you’re looking for an Offensive Lineman who has a bit of everything then Tristan Wirfs is the guy for you. His overall rating is 91 as well.

Just like Tristan Wirfs, Jason Kelce is one of those offensive linemen who have a bit of everything to their game. These kind of players bring some sort of balance to your team. His overall rating is 90.

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