Mad Max Top Dogs Boss Battles ‘Rust is the New Black Guide

Mad Max Top Dogs Boss Battles tips and strategies to unlock Rust is the New Black achievement or trophy.

A guide on how to defeat Top Dog bosses in Mad Max to unlock new paint jobs and earn Rust is the New Black Trophy/Achievement.

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Mad Max Top Dogs Boss Battles Tips

There are a total of six Top Dogs battles in Mad Max and defeating them all will not only earn you some new paint jobs, but will also unlock Rust is the New Black Trophy/Achievement.

Though almost all of the Top Dog battles in the game are pretty easy and focus on using a similar strategy; you can use the tips below to make them even easier.

Gaspa Grope Top Dog
Location: Western edge of Blackmaws

The best thing about this boss battle is that there are no minions in this boss battle. I highly recommend having some shotgun ammo which will allow you to lure the boss near explosive barrels and shooting them for extra damage.


In addition to this, you will see a couple of Flame Funnels near the left and right side of the area.

You need to stand near the source of fire and wait until the boss charges you before dodging and having him set on fire. Even if you to fail to set him on fire, you can use a couple of your melee attacks to push him back.

Lastly, as soon as he is on fire, you need to utilize your hard-hitting attack and repeat the entire process.

Stump Grinder Top Dog
Location: North-East Colossus

Unlike Gaspa Grope Top Dog, this boss is backed up by a couple of minions who will aid him throughout the fight. You need to to deal with them as soon as possible which will render the battle a whole lot easier.

With minions out of the way, you need to completely focus on the boss. I would not recommend using basic attacks and relying on your hard-hitting attacks.

You need to constantly use dodge attacks and try to lure the boss into fire. You should also try to pick up as many melee weapons as possible and try to use them as your main damage-dealing weapons.

The main idea of the battle is to lure the boss into the flames, deal damage with melee attacks, and dodge his attacks.

All in all, it’s a pretty easy fight which you will be able to end with a fatality.

Rim Jobbie Top Dog
This is a pretty simple boss battle! All you need to do is to dodge being hit by the boss. I don’t recommend solely relying on basic attacks and utilize the melee attacks scattered across the area as your main damage dealing weapons.

You can also push the boss into the fire sprouting out at the edge of the arena for some extra damage, but even if you simply rely on dodge and attack strategy, this will not be a difficult fight.

Gut Noose Top Dog
Before you begin this boss battle, you will have to deal with a couple of enemies waves – 4 to be exact. In order to deal with minions, you can simply rely on basic attacks, counters, and dodges.

While you are dealing with minions, you need to ensure that you are not surrounded by enemies or you will have a tough time defeating them.

Even when the boss battle officially begins, you will have to deal with minions alongside Gut Noose.

Similar to previous boss battles, I highly recommend dealing with minions before focusing your attention on the boss.

One thing that you need to bear in mind is not to spam the boss with attacks and remember to take small breaks or he will counter your attacks and punish you for being greedy.

Similar to previous boss battle, this boss is also joined by his buddies which you need to eliminate as soon as possible if you wish to end this boss battle quickly.

You can also use Shiv Punishers if you desire, but do remember not to spam the boss with attacks or he will counter-punish you for high damage.

Lastly, if you can, try to lure him into the fire in the area which will let you deal a high amount of damage in no time.

Cock Locka Top Dog
This is the last Top Dog battle in the game. The first thing that you need to do is to eliminate the War Crier and minions in the area before focusing your attention on the boss.

You can use the similar ‘block, dodge, attack’ strategy to eliminate them in no time. As for the boss himself, you need to focus on getting him on fire which will deal insane amount of damage and end the boss fight in a heartbeat.

This is pretty much all we have on Mad Max Top Dogs battles. Don’t forget to share your strategies and tips with us in the comments section below!

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