Luigi’s Mansion 3 Unnatural History Museum 9F Guide

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, at Floor 9 players will have to clear out the Unnatural History museum. Here we have...

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, at Floor 9 players will have to clear out the Unnatural History museum. Here we have devised for you the whole guide for you get a proper idea of the whole level and how to get through this. This walkthrough contains all the information about tips and tricks on beating the Dinosaur Skeleton, who is the boss of this level waiting for you in the main exhibit.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Unnatural History Museum

Here are the objectives of the walkthrough, we will explain every step of Luigi’s Mansion 3 9F:

  • Explore the Museum
  • How to beat the dinosaur skeleton
  • Rescue the Trapped Toad
  • Escort Toad to the Elevator
  • Install the Button in the Elevator

Explore the Museum

First, enter the museum on Floor 9 and start walking straight. You will find yourself in an alley that directly turns left and then goes straight, you will see a dinosaur skeleton inscribed in the wall, from there take a right and you will see a huge red curtain. Interact with this curtain and pull it away.

This will open the way to the main exhibit of the museum. Walk straight in and you will see a giant skeleton in the center. Right next to this skeleton is a small painting, interact with that painting and the giant Dinosaur skeleton will be awake.

Fight the Dinosaur T-Rex Skeleton Boss and UG
This is a very fierce dinosaur and will shake its body in such a way that the whole exhibit hall will shake with it. You will have to look out for a range of different attacks from this big guy. First it will throw stones at you by shaking its body and will destroy almost everything in the hall, then it will attack you with a loud roar from which you will have to run away very far away as it has a long range, then it will follow you throughout the hall running at you and smashing its feet on ground.


Look out for all the attacks as they can be very deadly. Now what you need to do is grab the big stones from the ground and throw at him, your main objective here is to break all the bones of its ribcage. Keep throwing stones at it until all the bones are broken and then the last throw will destroy the whole skeleton.

Well this is not the end, after the skeleton is been broken, a big ghost with red eyes will come out of it very furious, now you will have to kill this ghost as well, just dodge its attacks and attack it just like any other ghost and in a few tries you will be able to kill it. Killing this ghost will give you two hearts as well.

Rescue the trapped toad
Defeating that ghost will also bring out the painting with a trapped toad out, that the dinosaur ate at the beginning of the fight. Go to the painting and interact with it, this will get the toad out of the painting. Toad will be very happy and in thank will give you the button to the elevator.

Go to Elevator
Now you just need to go to the elevator and bring toad with you as well. Install the button in the elevator and that is it.