Luigi’s Mansion 3 Puzzles Guide

Learn how to solve each and every puzzle in Luigi's Mansion 3 and proceed further into the game to take on King Boo and rescue your friends

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an eye candy treat and a fun action-adventure game for those who delve into it. The game features a hotel setting with each floor having a unique theme and a unique ghost ready to give you a hard time. This guide is a comprehensive jammed up summary of all the key puzzles in every level of Luigi’s Mansion 3, so you can look at them and have a general idea on how to move on.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Puzzles

Each floor has a series of puzzles that require you to use your brain and eliminate a ghost in order to progress onto the next level using your elevator button. Every event you encounter is well thought out, the combat and the puzzles are nicely balanced out with neither overwhelming the other and vice versa.

Boilerworks Walkthrough
Gooigi will melt upon impact with water. So have Luigi walk through the water and turn off the water by vacuuming the valve. Now grab the key by vacuuming the flap to the right of the green pipe. Make Gooigi go through the pipe and grab the gold key.

In the next room, lies the Water Valve Puzzle, simply have Gooigi go down the green pipe and turn the valves above so that Gooigi may walk safely to the other side. Turn all the valves so the arrow is facing right. Move Gooigi to the middle pipe and turn all the valves so the arrow faces to the left.

The Underground Sewer Puzzle – Climb the ladder and summon Gooigi, use the pipes to do this puzzle and move onto the next area where you will again run into a Spiked Door. Now have Gooigi travel through the pipes and open the gate. Now get through the sharks by having Gooigi and timing it right with Luigi to make it past.

Past the sharks, now turn the valve on the left and face the arrow right and turn the right valve so the arrow now faces up. Make Gooigi go through the pipes and turn the valve so the arrow faces up. Now return and go through the pipes again and Gooigi will make it to the top. Now use the suction shot to activate the lever. Defeat the boss, grab the elevator button and bam.


Basement Walkthrough
It’s a simple floor and where you’ll find Professor E. Gadd’s lab. There’s a boss fight that takes place here with the Steward and the rest is pretty self-explanatory with not many mysteries to solve.

Grand Lobby – Level 1
The Grand Lobby does not specifically have puzzles, you can pick up a few items laying here and there. There are however two switches on the ground which are activated simultaneously via Gooigi and Luigi standing on said switches at the same time in order to descend a chandelier which can then be spun with the Poltergust to reveal a gem.

Mezzanine – Level 2

This floor focuses a bit on a rat infestation. Once you’ve killed the rat boss, a mouse will appear and snag the dropped elevator button, follow that mouse into the dining room area; put a lump of cheese next to the hole and wait for the mouse to come out. As soon as it does, use your Strobulb on the mouse and then walk up to the button, and have it stolen again by the mouse. Now head to the Billiards room, break the wooden closets using a suction shot and there should be a mouse hiding in there, but it will escape again. Now, we are going to have our final encounter with the mouse in the bathroom where we will pull the cover off the vent on the left side of the room and have Gooigi slip through it. Use your suction shot to eliminate the middle stall door and flash the Stobulb at the mouse and pick up your elevator button.

Hotel Shops – Level 3
Opening the revolving door on the left requires you to use a suction shot to open the 2nd stall door on the far right in the men’s restroom, from where you will acquire the respective key. Continue left and pick up the Diamond Key which will be used in the Jewelry Store. With Gooigi, put the key in the cash register and head out with the Heart key which you will then use on the cash register in the Gift Shop (1st floor). Enter the next gift shop on the second floor and use the spade key on the cash register, which will vanish, but just use your Dark Light to reveal it again, and grab the Clover key which will be used in the Barber Shop. Now with all said and done, defeat the boss, and use the elevator button to get out of this place.

The Great Stage – Level 4
This is an easy level that unfolds easily as you go through it. A secret passage in the bathroom will lead to the Concession Stand which can be opened using the Poltergust on the smoking vials, which will, in turn, drop a gem.

RIP Suites – Level 5
This stage isn’t complex at all, however, the left side of the level is blocked by a table that can be broken when plunged with both Gooigi and Luigi. There’s a door on the left side that requires the Dark-Light device similar to a secret cabinet in 507, which can be discovered when you pull of a sheet using the Poltergust.

Castle MacFrights – Level 6
Gooigi is paramount for most puzzles on this level due to how lethal the medieval traps are. You will be making your way through the right, having Gooigi moving through the bars, and making way for our beloved Luigi. Now you will have to fight a few ghosts and cross some very pointy spikes which you can very safely cross to the next room using Gooigi to pull the rope so that Luigi can cross safely. Drop down and you will see a dragon next to some web. Burn the web now by vacuuming the torch from the ground. Now stand in front of the dragon’s mouth and use Gooigi to flash the blinking green light with the Stobulb and now you will have a lit torch that can burn down the Spider’s web. Now simply walk past the dragon’s tail.

Now comes the Elevator Cage Puzzle for which you will want to take the elevator down to the next floor and use Gooigi to bring the elevator back up, and then again use Gooigi to move the fan in the opposite direction so that the elevator will go to the bottom. Grab the Golden key by going past the Archers as Gooigi who in this case is immune to their arrows. In the next room, simply vacuum the fan so the right bridge is no longer able to move and then reverse it.

From here, the Crossbowers and Carts puzzle has only one cart out of a total of two. You can find the second cart at the far right side of the room using the Dark-Light Device. Now push the two carts in the middle of the room to finish the puzzle. Beat the boss, and move on to the next level.

Garden Suites – Level 7
The Garden Suites has puzzles depending on Gooigi as well as you need to smash a giant watermelon that blocks your path which will lead you through your exit, where you will find yourself unraveling a leafy branch which will take you to The Mushroom Suite. Here, you will be vacuuming a cart with a purple mushroom so that it stands right next to the aqua-colored branch. Now walk on the branch and then on the mushroom and use the burst of jump to reach the next level. Vacuum the giant leaf off the wall and be done with this suite. Destroy the Venus Flytrap by using both Luigi and Gooigi’s plungers to pull it, leading to a boss fight.

Paranormal Productions – Level 8
This stage consists of four movie sets, The Castle Set, The Fire Set, The Micro Set. Head to each of these and activate the TVs using your Strobulb. Once done, grab the buckey from the Castle set and fill it with water by going to the TV that takes you to the Horror Set. Use this water to grow the plant in the Medieval set. Now, holding your torch that you obtained from your previous adventure, light it up in the Building Set. Whilst holding the flaming torch, use the TV to teleport to the set with the box and the webs and naturally, burn the web after vacuuming the torch.

Unnatural History Museum – Level 9
This is as straightforward as it gets. Follow through to the instructions, beat the live museum display dinosaur and use your elevator button to move to the next floor. If you return to the boss room after defeating it, you will find several paintings that contain Boones, approach each painting and use the Poltergust on the painting that reacts strongly with the HD Rumble in your controller.

Tomb Suites – Level 10
This is a challenging level with some timed puzzles that will kill you should you not be able to solve them in the given time limit.  It is recommended you get a bunch of Golden Bones before you start this floor. Once you enter the temple and open the sarcophagus, you will fall into a sandpit trap. Use your Poltergust to suck up the sand and reach the bottom where you can pull a lever to open a window. Now, wait for the sand to build up again and then blow a ramp leading up to the window.

Once in The Snake Chamber, you will need to create ramps of sand to reach a level. Doing this, snake statues will appear and start firing lasers at you, create ramps up to them and destroy them by stomping. Failing to do this quickly enough will result in death.

The Scale Chamber requires you to identify the correct weight of each animal icon. You can pick up weighted statues around the room and place them on the scale, then use your Strobulb to activate the mechanism. Luigi’s weight is also accounted for if he’s standing on the scale.

The Jewel Chamber has poisonous gas that will drain your life, use your Poltergust to clear a path through the sand that will show you different jewels that can be fitted in the wall. Do this, and you can safely move out of here.

Twisted Suites – Level 11
This stage, as the name implies, is a twisted place, with the bedroom inverted. It’s simple, just use the Strobulb on the side of the mechanism on the side of the room and then use your Dark-Light Device on the space behind you to create a doorway.

When you enter The Trainer’s Bedroom, a golden rabbit will grab the key you’re supposed to pick. Summon Gooigi to defeat said rabbit by holding it in place, while the other uses the Dark-Light Device to destroy it.

The Spectral Catch – Level 12
Pretty straight-forward floor with nothing to confuse you, and it will build-up to the Captain Fishhook boss fight. Head to 12F, and go left at which point E.Gadd will call you to go back to the lab, which you will abide to and simply talk to E.Gadd there. Look for your needed partner. Solve The Storage Room Puzzle by making Gooigi go through the pipe on the left and then simply vacuum the valve above Luigi to turn off the water blocking Gooigi’s path, and find Toad. Return to the reservoir, grab the missing part and give it to E.Gadd back at the lab. Now go ahead and grab the door handle, install it on the door and use the Poltergust to move the valve. Simply rotate the platform now to the exit and then clear away the Blockage, go through the Grotto and deal with the boss.

Fitness Center – Level 13
This level constitutes a Locker Room where you will drop the lockers using suction cups so you can eliminate ghosts and go to the Weight Room.

The Weight Room has a tricky solution to it, you will have to turn the enemy’s weapon against each other, as the ghost holding the dumbbells will throw them to the center, and you must lure the boxer to the trajectory of the said dumbbell.

The key to the Training Room is hidden in the exercise bikes. Spin its wheels using the Poltergust to drop the key.

The Yoga Room’s puzzle requires you to move a mirror, and the yoga mats need to be rolled and unrolled in such a way that they match the posters on the wall.

The Dance Hall – Level 14
This is a straightforward level. Simply grab the button from the dancing ghosts, and defeat the boss, and you can be on your merry way to the next floor. There’s nothing complex about this level, it’s pretty linear.

Master Suite – Level 15
You will be visiting four rooms and finishing simple puzzles to get four keys which will open the door to the boss. This floor will be the final one before you fight the final two bosses in the game, not a lot of puzzles here.

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