Luigi’s Mansion 3 Clem (Mechanic Ghost) Boss Guide

At a certain point in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’re set to come across a mechanically astute, malevolent yokel! This Clem (Janitor Ghost) boss fight in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will prove to be one of the most unique in the entire game, and players are going to need help in dealing with this malicious bumpkin. Read this guide to find out exactly how to deal with such varmints!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Clem (Mechanic Ghost) Boss

A sizable part of this battle will take place in a large vat filled with water, both Luigi and Clem will be using inflatable ducks to move around and stay afloat.

Clem has a total of 350 HP, and you need to bring it down quick! You can use your vacuum to move around but be careful of the edge of the vat; there are spikes there. Clem will, on occasion, toss a naval mine into the water. Get away from it and wait for it to blow up.

What you’re aiming to do is getting close to Clem. When you’re near him, he’ll use his paper fan/makeshift oar as a weapon, trying desperately to swipe at you. If he fails in his attempts, Clem will disorient himself and be wide open for attack.

Use your vacuum to suck him in and fling him at the spikes, popping his inflatable duckie. Once you’ve done that, quickly make your way over to the ladder and get out of the water. Run towards the temporarily downed Clem and do exactly what you do with every other ghost – beat ‘em!

Eventually, Clem will find his way back into the water and you’ll have to do the whole thing all over again. One way of efficiently doing this is to have a double be ready out of water. As soon as you get Clem out of the water, have the double immediately go in for the attack. Make a note that it’s entirely possible for Clem to hurl naval mines at the double, so it’s not a surefire tactic.

And that’s it! Get Clem to disorient himself, send him flying out of the water with the aid of the spikes, and bash him ruthlessly on land!