Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hellen Gravely Boss Guide

Learn how to defeat King Boo's right-hand and the secondary antagonist of Luigi's Mansion 3, Hellen Gravely, with the help of our guide

Hellen Gravely is the 15F boss players will encounter in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the fight is a good test of their skills as both Luigi and Gooigi. In this guide we will show you the perfect strategy on how to defeat Hellen Gravely.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Hellen Gravely

Hellen Gravely’s boss arena is a two-level boss, forcing you to control Luigi above ground (dodging the central barrier/laser pillar and Gravely’s attacks) while Gooigi works below while to deactivate the barriers threatening Luigi (and making it easier to take Gravely out).

At the beginning of the battle, you will want to jump or outrun the single red laser. When Gravely appears, send Gooigi down the nearest drain (these are in the upper left and lower right corners – you can use the green pipes to get to these drains if you start in the wrong quarter of the room).

While keeping an eye on the hazards bearing down on Luigi, use Gooigi to flip/pull switches and navigate through barriers underground. For example, if starting from the lower right drain:

  • Head up to plunger-pull the purple switch
  • Expel air from the Poltergust to rotate the barrier to the left and head through
  • Get to the green switch in the upper left by walking through the grate
  • Pull the yellow switch in the mid-left, blowing on the rotating barrier if necessary
  • Plunger-pull the orange switch in the south

It may be difficult to disable all four barriers. Taking out three will usually give you enough space to attack Gravely – which involves getting close enough to attack you and have her stick her handmirror into the ground, leaving her open for stun.

Some phases will see a temporary rush of water to the lower floors, requiring you to re-send Gooigi down below periodically. The upper floors also get raked for longer with a rotating wall of three lasers, and later a double wall of six lasers (both of which must be outrun and cannot be jumped).


Eventually, you’ll do enough damage to add Gravely to your ghost collection. Free Mario, team up with him and go in search of Princess Peach and King Boo.

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